Adding a Fence Around Your Post Frame Building in Kentucky

Post Frame Building in Kentucky

If you own a large piece of land, you may be thinking about ways to enhance it or add some features. Many who use their land primarily for farming or ranching purposes will choose to add a barn, shed, garage, or post frame building in Kentucky. Often, a post frame building will be used as a shelter for livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep, goats, or other farm animals.

If your farm animals will be constantly grazing your property to either eat grass or simply get out in the open, you may want to surround your Kentucky pole building with a fence. A high-quality fence will help prevent any of your animals from getting lost or wandering onto someone else’s property.

So, if you have decided to add a fence to your estate, there are some important tips you should know. Our team at MQS Structures, one of the top Amish barn builders in Kentucky, has provided a quick list of things you should consider before you get started on your new fence.

Get Your Permits Squared Away

Depending on where your property is located, you may need to obtain a permit to build a fence. If your property is in a pretty rural area, then building a fence around your post frame building in Kentucky should be no problem. However, we recommend that you do your research just to make sure. The last thing you want is to get a large portion of your fence built and then later find out it has to be taken down, or you have to pay fines for not doing your research.

Post Frame Building in Kentucky

Make Sure You are Digging in a Safe Place

With any construction project, big or small, there is likely to be some digging. Anytime you are digging holes in the ground, the smartest thing to do is call “Dig Safe” to ensure that you can dig safely on your land. After making the call, a professional can come and mark out all the unsafe areas to dig on your property. There could be buried utility lines that you are unaware of, so it is always a smart choice to take the proper precautions before digging.

Consider Slopes or Uneven Land

There is a chance that your fence may need to be installed on uneven ground that surrounds your pole building in Kentucky. If so, make sure you consider this before you purchase all the materials. You may need to make special cuts and customizations to certain materials to ensure the fence will still work on a sloped surface.

Dig Deep Holes for Your Fence Posts

To help ensure that your posts remain as structurally sound as possible, many fencing experts recommend digging holes around three to four feet deep into the ground. According to Kentucky Amish barn builders, when posts are buried at this depth, that means they typically go below the frost line. This helps prevent shifting or breaking during bitter cold weather.

Post Frame Building in Kentucky

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Property with a Kentucky Pole Building?

If you are thinking about adding a new farm building to your property, contact MQS Structures today at (855) 677-3334, or contact us online to receive a free quote on your next project.

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