Build-Sites That May Cause Future Problems for a Pole Building in Kentucky

Pole Building in Kentucky

One of the most important factors to consider when you build any structure is its location. Many of us have heard the number one rule in real estate is, “Location, location, location.” This is also very true when you are constructing a new pole building in Kentucky. The area where you choose to build your new pole building must be able to fully support this brand new structure.

You may have what you think is the perfect spot for your new Kentucky pole building, but there may be some serious flaws that you forgot to consider. This article will highlight some specific areas to avoid if you are thinking about adding a new structure to your property. Before you begin the construction process, make sure you avoid these areas:

  • Flood Plains
  • Heavily Wooded Areas
  • Areas with Poor Access
  • Secluded Areas with No Utilities

Flood Plains

Building a Kentucky post frame building in a flood plain comes with a significant amount of risk. Even if you are very familiar with the land area and haven’t seen a flood in years, that doesn’t mean that the risk of a flood isn’t there. Flood plains are designated areas that are deemed to be most vulnerable to flooding during significant rainfall.

If you choose to build a structure in a flood plain, you may have to obtain flood insurance. That’s just another added cost that you may not want to mess with. If you can avoid it, it is best to build your new pole building in Kentucky where there is little to no risk of flooding.

Pole Building in Kentucky

Heavily Wooded Areas

If you choose to build a new structure in a heavily wooded area, you are immediately putting the structure in danger. Falling tree limbs and branches can cause significant damage to Kentucky pole buildings. If you end up building your structure in a wooded area, make sure that no tree limbs are hanging over the building. These are the limbs that are most likely to fall and cause damage to your new structure.

Areas with Poor Access

Even if you have an absolutely perfect post frame building in Kentucky, it won’t do you a whole lot of good if you can’t get to it. Make sure your building site has easy access for vehicles of all sizes. Having a clear path that leads to the structure is very critical. The path should be well maintained so that no vehicles get stuck while trying to access your building.

Secluded Areas with No Utilities

Many people want their new building to be in a private setting, but that can potentially cause some headaches. If the area is so secluded that there are no utilities, then that could be problematic and expensive to fix. If you don’t have electricity or running water, it might require a lot of financial resources to get these utilities to your building. Make sure you understand how much it will take financially to get utilities to your new structure before the construction process begins.

Pole Building in Kentucky

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