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When you live or work on the farm in Kentucky, you know more than anyone that there are countless things to take care of. You have valuable farm equipment, such as your tractor and combine. There are supplies that need to be kept inside to ensure they don’t go bad, like seed, feed, or hay. You also may have livestock that needs to be cared for, like cattle, pigs, horses, chickens, or goats. These are all a lot to manage for a Kentucky farm, and to keep these items in good shape, you need a structure that can help protect them. That’s when you could use the expertise of a group of trusted Amish barn builders in Kentucky, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with MQS Structures.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience when it comes to customizing and building some of the best agricultural buildings and custom horse barns in Kentucky. Our group of Amish barn builders takes great pride in creating farm buildings and custom horse barns to fit the needs of each customer. We focus on all the details at MQS Structures, so we use the highest quality materials and the most precise techniques that the Amish have used for many years. Using a combination of our Amish values and today’s technology, MQS Structures can create the perfect farm building in Kentucky for you.


Our Quality and Efficiency is Unmatched

Many of our past clients have let us know just how amazed they were with how quickly their agricultural building in Kentucky was constructed. However, that’s no surprise to us, as we strive to work as efficiently and accurately as possible with every single project. There is very little downtime from when we first show up on the job until the finishing touches are applied. That’s one area that sets us apart from the competition. Our highly trained and skilled Amish barn builders will focus on all the details to ensure that all farm buildings in Kentucky are structurally sound and built to last the long haul.

If you compare rates with MQS Structures and other custom horse barn builders in Kentucky, you will likely be amazed at the value that we provide. Since we work more efficiently than most other companies, it ends up costing customers much less on labor. Through experience and training, our team of custom barn builders has helped construct countless agricultural buildings in Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

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Designing and Customizing Your Agricultural Building in Kentucky

Our team will work with you to add any features that enhance the look and functionality of your farm building. Whether it’s wainscot to protect the building’s lower exterior, additional windows to improve ventilation, or you have specific color requests for the exterior walls and roof, we will work diligently to incorporate all your requests into the final design. Then we will communicate with you throughout the building process to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new farm building in Kentucky.

Contact MQS Structures, one of the premier Amish barn builders in Kentucky, for the next structural addition to your farm in Kentucky.

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