How NOT to Build a Pole Building in Kentucky

Pole Building in Kentucky

As pole barns and post frame buildings become increasingly popular, more building kits and pole barn builders in Kentucky are available. If you are planning on constructing a farm building in Kentucky, don’t make these common mistakes:

Don’t Choose the Wrong Site

If appropriately maintained, a properly built Kentucky post frame building can outlive its owner. However, site selection is crucial. Even if your building is assembled perfectly, a poor location can spell disaster. Pole buildings need to be placed on level ground and out of the path of moving water. Sometimes it is necessary to haul in dirt to raise a build site. This helps prevent rain and runoff from flowing across the ground inside your barn.

Don’t Use Cheap Doors and Windows

There is nothing wrong with trying to save a little money on your project, but cheap doors and windows will eventually leak or break and cost you more in the long run. A leaking window or door allows moisture and cold air inside.

Moisture is the enemy of any building. Excessive moisture leads to rust, rot, and structural failure. Kentucky pole buildings are an excellent choice if you need a weatherproof structure––just don’t risk damage by installing the wrong door and windows.

Don’t Forget to Design for Proper Ventilation

Believe it or not, your pole building in Kentucky needs to breathe. Even if you design your building to keep the inside dry and warm––it still needs proper ventilation. Lack of ventilation keeps moisture trapped inside and can quickly lead to major problems.

We always suggest building overhangs to protect your walls and foundation from moisture but overhangs also allow you to include soffit vents. Soffit vents are built into the bottom side of your roof’s overhang and allow moist air to escape from the inside without letting rain or melting snow in.

Pole Building in Kentucky

Don’t Build Too Small

Before building it is essential to carefully evaluate how big your building needs to be in order to fulfill its intended purpose. You may even want to go to your planned build site and stake off an area exactly the size you are planning to build. This will help you get a feel for how big the building will be.

It is also a good idea to build your farm building in Kentucky a little larger than what you anticipate needing. Having extra space is definitely a better problem than not having enough space. When constructing a building to store farm equipment or vehicles, keep in mind that your next truck, RV, or tractor may be larger than your current one––so plan accordingly.

At MQS Structures, we are post frame and pole barn building specialists. Check out our website or contact us to learn about the many build options we offer. We would love to answer any questions you have or offer suggestions if you aren’t sure about all the details. 

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Pole Building in Kentucky

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