Keeping Animals Cool Inside Kentucky Farm Buildings

Kentucky farm buildings

Many Kentucky farm buildings are used to provide shelter for a wide variety of different animals on the ranch. Whether it’s horses, chickens, pigs, or goats, it is crucial to ensure that they live in the most comfortable conditions possible. During a typical Kentucky summer, it is common for the heat index to exceed 90 degrees on a regular basis. That’s why MQS Structures has compiled a list of necessities that your farm buildings in Kentucky should have during the summer to help keep all animals cool.


An inexpensive way to keep air circulating throughout a pole building in Kentucky is to add multiple fans throughout the structure. For smaller livestock like chickens, consumer-grade fans will get the job done. However, for larger animals like cattle and horses, larger fans are required to make sure that each animal stays comfortable.

Kentucky farm buildings

Mounting the fans high on the walls allows for better airflow throughout a custom pole barn in Kentucky. When the fans are elevated, it is much safer than being on the ground, where a chicken could potentially be injured if its wings were to contact a fan blade. It is always wise to make sure there is some sort of barrier to prevent small animals from getting near a fan.

Access to Fresh Drinking Water

When it comes to any living thing, water is essential to staying healthy, especially during the summer heat. Your animals’ water should be replaced throughout the day, especially if it becomes dirty or too hot. Make sure that water troughs inside your Kentucky farm buildings are not exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, the temperature will escalate to unsafe levels quickly. Warm, stagnant water is more vulnerable to bacteria and will not help keep your animals’ body temperatures regulated.

Kentucky farm buildings

To help keep water cool, you can continually freeze blocks of ice and place them in water buckets each day. Also, many ranchers have invested in automatic waterers that regularly refill water supplies with fresh, cool water whenever necessary.

Install a Misting System

You may immediately think that a misting system is designed solely to be sprayed on animals to keep them cool. That is a misting system’s primary purpose, but it also has an added benefit. Misting systems reduce airborne particles like dust which can help reduce respiratory issues. Having extra moisture in the air simply makes animals more comfortable while inside farm buildings in Kentucky.

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