Small Businesses That Choose Post Frame Construction

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Running a small business isn’t easy, but successful small business owners are experts at making the best use of their money. It should be no surprise that many small businesses use post frame buildings in Kentucky for retail space, storage, and more. Although post frame and pole frame construction are most often associated with Kentucky agricultural buildings, it is an increasingly popular choice for other industries as well.

Retail Space

Many retail businesses use post frame buildings in Kentucky, but it isn’t always obvious. Post frame buildings are known for having steel siding, but more exterior options are available, like brick, cement board, vinyl, etc. Most gas stations, strip malls, restaurants, and small shopping centers are built with post frame construction but don’t look anything like steel-sided pole barns.

Automotive Repair

Post frame construction is ideal for mechanic shops because it allows for large, open interior spaces, high roofs, and oversized garage doors. Most professional mechanics use a variety of vehicle lifts in their shops, and post frame construction makes vehicle lift installation easy.

Self-Storage Mini Warehouses

Take a closer look, and you might notice that most mini-warehouse buildings are built using post frame construction. Post frame buildings are economical, strong, and durable––the ideal combination for a mini-warehouse business.

Repair and Construction Services: Roofers, Plumbers, Welders, Building Contractors

Most small businesses that offer residential or commercial repair and construction services don’t need giant buildings or extensive office spaces. They need simple buildings to park their vehicles, secure their equipment, and house a small inventory of materials.

Agricultural Businesses

Agricultural businesses like farms and ranches are perhaps the most obvious application for post frame buildings, but worth mentioning. Post frame buildings are great for workshops, livestock care, machinery storage, and more. Kentucky custom horse barn builders use post frame construction almost exclusively, as do Amish barn builders in Kentucky.

Post frame buildings in Kentucky

This list is by no means exhaustive. Post frame construction is also typical for churches, municipal buildings, and manufacturing facilities. If you have a small business and are thinking about expanding into a new space, contact us and explain how you plan on using your new building. We can work with you to design and build a custom building that meets your needs and keeps costs down.

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If you are interested in building retail space, barn, shop, garage, or even home, post frame construction is an excellent choice. If you need help with the building process, contact us today.

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Pole Barn builders in Kentucky

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