Taking a Closer Look at Wainscoting for Farm Buildings in Kentucky

Farm Buildings In Kentucky

So if you have decided that your property could benefit from adding one or more farm buildings in Kentucky, there are many different things to consider. What size should the building be? How many doors and windows should add I include? What colors should I choose? Do I add a cupola to the roof? These are just a few things that you should consider during the early design stages of your new Kentucky farm building.

Another item you may want to take a serious look at is the exterior paneling that will be used. You may think that all exterior paneling for Kentucky pole buildings is the same, but that is far from the truth. One feature you want to think about is wainscoting, which is a popular way to enhance both the quality and appeal of your pole building in Kentucky. Here is some more information about wainscoting and the benefits it can provide to any structure.

Provides Great Protection for Farm Buildings in Kentucky

If your building is being used to house heavy-duty equipment and vehicles, there is always the risk of scratches, dings, and bumps on the lower sections of the walls. Or, if you are mowing just outside the building, rocks or other sharp objects could potentially fly up and damage the exterior walls, especially the lower portions of the walls. Wainscoting can help provide an extra barrier of protection for the metal panels so that if there is damage, it is sustained only on the top layer of the wainscot. This will help prevent your Kentucky farm buildings’ structural integrity from being compromised.

Farm Buildings In Kentucky

Easier to Replace Than the Original Building Panels

If the wainscot were ever to be damaged so severely that it is beyond repair, it can be replaced much more easily than if there was damage to the primary building walls. Typically, metal building panels are manufactured in large sheets, so even for a small amount of damage, an entire sheet may be required to fix the issue. Wainscot is installed in much smaller pieces, so a replacement is cheaper than replacing the primary wall, and it requires far less labor.

Aesthetically Pleasing Option

Many owners of post frame buildings in Kentucky choose wainscot because they simply love the look of it. Wainscot is a great way to add another layer of color to your building while still improving its overall quality. A popular trend among building owners is to use the same colors for both the wainscot and the roof. This makes for a very visually appealing look that flows quite nicely from top to bottom.

Farm Buildings In Kentucky

If you are thinking about adding a new Kentucky post frame building to your property, contact the experts at MQS Structures today. You can request a free quote online or speak to one of our friendly associates by calling (855) MQS-3334. We can assist you with picking out different features, colors, and provide other helpful tips to ensure that your new structure is designed and constructed exactly how you have always dreamed.

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