The Top Flooring Options for Custom Pole Barns in Kentucky

Custom Pole Barn in Kentucky

When building a custom pole barn in Kentucky, there’s many factors and design aspects to consider. First, you have to find the perfect location on your property for the build site. Then there’s other things like choosing the right style of garage door, selecting windows, choosing the color of your building, and so on.

One other important factor that you will want to spend ample time thinking about is the flooring. There are actually a few different options to choose from, and that’s what this article will discuss today. So, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of all the different flooring options according to our team of pole barn builders in Kentucky.

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Gravel is a very common flooring solution for different types of Kentucky agricultural buildings. One major perk is that it costs less than other options, like concrete or asphalt. It is also an ideal flooring option for buildings that have large side entry doors. Not to mention, it is one of the best options for drainage or compaction.

Most vehicles stay clean when parked on a gravel surface, where they wouldn’t if they were on a dirt floor. Occasionally, gravel may have to be raked or leveled, but overall, it is a low maintenance surface.


If you are looking for the most cost-effective flooring option for your barn, then dirt is probably the way to go. Dirt floors are most common in Kentucky farm buildings and equestrian facilities. In farm buildings, many times the building is simply used to store large farm vehicles that are already used on dirt surfaces, like tractors and combines. Equestrian facilities typically have a large riding arena, and dirt makes the most sense, especially with horses constantly walking on the surface.

Custom Pole Barn in Kentucky


Farm shops, hobby shops, and businesses typically use concrete flooring for their post frame buildings in Kentucky. It is a much cleaner flooring option than dirt or gravel and helps reduce excess moisture. Concrete is typically available in numerous colors and finishes; just make sure you check with your contractor ahead of time to see what options are available.


If you don’t want to mess with gravel, are concerned about the mess of a dirt floor, and aren’t sure that concrete is the most cost-effective option for you, then you may want to explore asphalt. Keep in mind, asphalt does require some maintenance, especially if significant weight is put on it. But asphalt does provide a very clean finish that other materials do not.

Custom Pole Barn in Kentucky

As one of the leading pole barn builders in Kentucky, MQS Structures will help you get the exact building you need to enhance your property. Whether it’s a hobby shop, storage facility, or a custom pole barn in Kentucky, our team will make sure the job is done efficiently and with the utmost quality.

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