Why Amish Barn Builders in Cumberland Recommend Adding a Cupola

Amish barn builders in Cumberland

When it comes to building the perfect structure for your farm or ranch, Amish barn builders in Cumberland know there are several features you can add on to your building to improve its functionality. Whether it’s multiple windows, side entry doors, or multiple large sliding doors, there are numerous ways you can improve your structure.

One feature that many building owners opt to have installed on the roof is a cupola. Many people may think that a cupola is simply a decorative item that is placed at the pitch of the roof, but it actually serves a specific purpose. This article will explain the significance of a cupola and why Cumberland Amish barn builders highly recommend adding one to your next new farm building.


With summer upon us here in Maryland, it is critical to know that any building has proper airflow. A cupola plays an essential role for Cumberland farm buildings, as it is responsible for cycling out hot, stale, musty air through its ventilation slots.

Amish barn builders in Cumberland

If your structure is used to house pigs, horses, or cattle, over time, the air can be filled with gasses, which can be harmful to your animals if it has nowhere to go. The cupola will provide an outlet for these gasses, which will help keep all your livestock and fellow farmworkers safe on a daily basis.

Cupolas with Windows for Natural Lighting

There are a wide variety of styles for cupolas, including more modern designs, which include windows. These are effectively provide natural light to the barn’s interior, which can help lower utility costs overall. Essentially, a cupola with windows can have the same effect as a sunroof or skylights.

Some cupolas with windows can be opened to let in extra air, while some are designed to stay closed permanently. Be sure you know which style of cupola you get before it is installed on your Cumberland agricultural building.

Amish barn builders in Cumberland

Aesthetically Pleasing

According to many Amish barn builders in Cumberland, many building owners are not familiar with the purpose of a cupola on their structure. In fact, many people who wish to add a cupola to their building simply do it because they love the look. A cupola stands out on many Cumberland farm buildings because it towers above the rest of the structure and delivers a traditional barn look.

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