Winter Window Cleaning Tips from Some of the Top Pole Barn Builders in Kentucky

Pole Barn Builders in Kentucky

The bitter cold temperatures, snow, sleet, and ice can really limit what you can do on the farm in the winter. You can’t work farm ground, plant crops, or bale hay in frigid temperatures. During the winter, many of your chores on the farm involve taking care of your livestock and catching up on cleaning that may have been neglected during warmer weather months.

As one of the top pole barn builders in Kentucky, our team at MQS Structures knows how important it is to keep a clean and organized barn. One area of a barn, shed, or garage hobby shop that is often neglected is the windows. Although the interior windows shouldn’t be too challenging to clean in the winter, the exterior may be a bit of a challenge.

Not to worry, in this article, we have some tips on how to keep the windows squeaky clean on any pole building in Kentucky.

Clean Windows Quickly

Depending on just how cold the temperature is outside, your window cleaning solution can freeze if it is not removed quickly. If the solution freezes, it will leave behind streaks that can be very challenging to remove.

In fact, Kentucky pole barn builders recommend bringing an ice scraper with you just in case you aren’t cleaning quickly enough. That will help remove the frozen cleaning solution from your windows.

Use the Proper Cleaning Solution

Certain window cleaning products work better in cold temperatures than others. That’s why when you are washing windows on your farm buildings in Kentucky during the winter, check to make sure that your cleaning products are designed for cold weather use.

Pole Barn Builders in Kentucky

Another important tip, be sure to only apply a small amount of cleaning solution to a certain area of the window and then immediately clean it. No matter if the solution is designed for winter use, it can still freeze if left on a cold glass surface for too long.

Dress Properly

Cleaning windows is a cold job, especially when you are cleaning exterior windows in January on an agricultural building in Kentucky. Before you begin cleaning, make sure you are wearing enough layers to stay warm for the duration of the job. Two of the most important items to wear are waterproof gloves and waterproof boots/shoes.

When cleaning windows, your hands are sure to get wet. If this happens on a cold day, your hands will become extremely cold to the point where they may not function properly. This is also true for your feet and toes. Pole barn builders in Kentucky recommend waterproof gloves and waterproof footwear to help keep you dry and comfortable while cleaning windows on your Kentucky pole buildings.

Pole Barn Builders in Kentucky

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