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Life on the farm in Cumberland has plenty of obstacles, and there are numerous things you must tend to. You might have livestock such as pigs, cattle, or chickens. Many Cumberland farmers have valuable equipment and farm vehicles that need to be protected, especially during harsh weather. You may even have an abundance of supplies like feed or seed that should be stored inside when not in use. All of these items are common to farms in Maryland, and they could all significantly benefit from being housed or stored inside a new custom horse barn or farm building in Cumberland built by MQS Structures.

With more than 25 years of experience designing and constructing agricultural buildings in Cumberland, MQS Structures is ready to help you with your next addition to your farm. Our team of Amish barn builders in Cumberland specializes in creating custom horse barns and farm buildings to fit the needs of every valued client. We focus on using unmatched precision and high-quality materials, the same way Amish barn builders have been building structures for many years. By combining our old-fashioned values with modern technology, MQS Structures is the right fit to construct a perfect farm building for your property in Cumberland.


Quality & Efficiency

Once the materials are delivered to the job site in Maryland, our crews are ready to get to work! In fact, many of our past clients have been blown away at just how quickly their new custom horse barn or agricultural building comes together. As soon as the construction process starts, our highly trained and skilled workers take pride in being as efficient and detailed as possible. During construction, our team will still provide the excellent customer service that each client deserves. We know that our Cumberland customers are instilling their trust in us to do a great job, and we take that to heart for every single project.

MQS Structures is considered by many as one of the premier custom horse barn builders in Cumberland. One reason why we have earned that distinction is because our farm buildings are typically finished in less time than many competitors and at a lower cost to the customer. Through years of building the highest quality agricultural buildings in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, we have earned the trust of many valued clients. In fact, we receive referrals and repeat business from those same Cumberland clients. It just goes to show you how much trust our clients have in our values, quality, and service at MQS Structures.

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Customizations & Design

We want you to be thrilled about the design of your new custom horse barn or agricultural building in Cumberland. Our team of designers and Amish barn builders will work closely with you to add any customizations you want for your new structure. Whether it’s windows, a cupola, or a sliding garage door, our team can help make your vision a reality. We offer a free estimate for any new job in Cumberland, and we will walk you through the entire building process from beginning to end. We don’t want there to be any conflicts during your experience, so we try to communicate and be as transparent as possible during the entire process.

Call MQS Structures today to begin the process of adding a new farm building to your Maryland property or request a free quote here.

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