Post Frame Building Options

Options Make a Difference!!!

Here are some differences between “Grandpa’s old barn” and the newer “post frame” pole building in Ohio:
• Painted steel sides, roof, and trim (22 colors available)
• Steeper pitch roof allowing for attic space
• Overhangs wrapped with vented soffit and beaded fascia
• Seamless gutter and downspouts
• 4′ wainscot
• 2′ cupolas with weathervane
• 10′ wide open lean-to
• Steel insulated garage doors (several colors available)
• Dutch corners on the garage door and lean-to
• Insulated windows


Grandpa’s old “pole barn” made of actual telephone poles


The modern MQS “post frame structure”
loaded with all the “bells and whistles”

Remember Grandpa’s old “pole barn?” The evolution of custom horse barn builders in Ohio has come a long way! One of the differences between purchasing a pole building in Ohio in the “good ole days” and building a modern structure is the number of available options that you can incorporate into the design of your new building.

If you are concerned about curb appeal, MQS is the place to do business with our beautiful agricultural buildings in Ohio! We offer a variety of ways to aesthetically enhance and increase functionality in your new barn. Upgrading or adding any of the items below will help distinguish your pole building in Ohio from the rest of the neighborhood.

Design Options

Construction Details

Color Options