Advantages of Pole Barns



When looking to construct farm buildings in Ohio, you will find there is no better framing system than that of pole barns. At MQS Structures, we build custom pole barns in Ohio for those looking to add an affordable and durable building that will last. Pole barns are built using post-frame construction. Post-frame is a wood-frame building system that has become the method of choice when constructing commercial, industrial, recreational, and agricultural buildings. There are many advantages of pole barns that make it an extremely popular choice among Amish barn builders in Ohio.

One of the most significant benefits of pole barns is its affordability. Pole barns don’t require a concrete foundation or as much material for construction than traditional barns do.

A pole barn doesn’t have to solely be used for what people typically think a barn is. Pole barns can serve as agricultural buildings in Ohio, a residential structure, a garage, a hobby shop or man cave, a recreational center, commercial space, storage and so much more! There are no limits to what you can use a pole building in Ohio for.

Less Material
As mentioned earlier, what makes a pole barn very affordable is the minimal amount of material needed. Unlike a stick or metal frame structure, pole barn framing can span much further in width and provide a broad, open space that doesn’t require load-bearing walls or intrusive columns.

Quick to Build
Because pole barns don’t have an intense framing process or structure, custom post frame builders in Ohio can construct a pole barn in the fraction of the time of a traditional barn.

Not only are pole barns versatile, they are also extremely customizable as well. At MQS Structures, our Amish barn builders in Ohio offer our customers a variety of useful amenities they can add to their barn. From different exterior colors, wainscot, insulated windows, cupolas, and overhangs, you can customize your barn to your needs.

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