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The Benefits of a Pole Building in West Virginia for Boat Storage

pole buildings in West Virginia

Although many pole buildings in West Virginia are used for farm purposes, they can also be used for various other reasons. Many avid anglers and water sports enthusiasts enjoy using their building to store a boat and other boating supplies. Here are some of the benefits you and your boat will enjoy after you adding a new West Virginia post frame building to your property.

Prevents Damage

Since boats are designed to live on the water, they can withstand rain and snow pretty easily if they are stored outside. However, items like heavy winds, lightning, and hail are all potential risks that could damage your boat if it is constantly left outside. A West Virginia pole building will ensure that your boat is protected from all harmful weather conditions.

A storage structure for your boat can also prevent damage from items like falling tree branches, debris, or vandalism. When your boat doesn’t have a roof over its head, there are always risks, and a new pole building in West Virginia can help keep your prized investment in good working condition.

pole buildings in West Virginia


If you ever need to get to your boat for something you may have left behind, it is a major inconvenience to drive back down to the lake or to your boat’s storage facility. Or maybe you want to do a little maintenance on your boat but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own property. With a new post frame building in West Virginia on your land, your boat can be stored just a few steps away from your home so that you’ll have easy access to it all year round.


West Virginia pole buildings can provide countless cost-saving benefits for you and your boat over time. If you were to use a storage facility for your boat, you will have fees to pay every month while your boat is in storage. Also, think about the extra time and gas money you will be using by driving back and forth to the storage facility each time you are ready to head to the lake. Although they may cost more upfront, the investment is worth it when you purchase a West Virginia pole building for boat storage.

pole buildings in West Virginia

If you are looking for boat storage options, then a new post frame building might be the perfect solution for you. Talk to one of our team members today and find out all the benefits a new pole barn can offer you and your boat.

Give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online to receive a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ways to Improve Your Barn – Tips from Ohio Custom Horse Barn Builders

Ohio custom horse ban builders

When you work with MQS Structures, the top Ohio custom horse barn builders, we will work together to ensure you have all the customizations and add-ons to fit your needs. Once your structure is built, then it’s your turn to get creative and add on some extra elements to personalize your horse barn. Here are just a few ways that many people have enhanced their custom pole barns in Ohio.

Add Extra Storage

More than likely, you will have plenty of farm supplies to store inside your Ohio custom pole barn, so it is never a bad idea to look for different storage solutions to help keep everything organized. Heavy-duty shelves are a great option to store bulky bags of feed or mineral that you may need around the farm. Shelving also comes in handy for items like saddles, blankets, saddle pads, and various other items needed for your horses.

You can add small racks outside your horse stalls as well so that you have easy access to everyday items needed to properly groom your horses. Whether it’s brushes, hoof-picks, or spray bottles, adding small storage areas outside the stalls is a great way to maximize storage inside your Ohio pole barn.

Add Removable Feed Buckets

Utilizing interchangeable feed buckets is one of the most convenient ways to efficiently clean your custom pole barn in Ohio. Grain mix has the tendency to get sticky and become a major headache to clean. When the buckets are not in use, replace them with a fresh bucket so that you can soak and clean the previous one. Most removable buckets can be snapped into place easily in a corner or onto a horse stall grill. The quicker you remove a dirty feed bucket, the easier it will be to clean.

Ohio custom horse ban builders

Add a Coat Rack and a Place for Common Barn Tools

On the farm, you will likely be going inside and outside constantly, which means you will be dealing with different temperatures throughout the day. Provide multiple coat hooks on an exterior wall so that you and your workers can keep your coats and jackets clean should you need to remove some layers while working inside.

Along the wall, be sure to add a place to store some of your most-used tools on the farm. You will likely have shovels, rakes, pitchforks, heavy-duty push brooms, and hoses; these can conveniently be stored on an exterior wall for easy access. This is just another way to enhance your Ohio pole barn.

Ohio custom horse ban builders

If you or someone you know is looking to add a new structure to their farm, call the leading Ohio custom horse barn builders today, MQS Structures. You can contact us online for a free estimate or give us a call at (855) MQS-3334.

We look forward to working with you.

The Most Common Ways to Use a Lean-To as a Cumberland Farm Building

Cumberland farm building

There are various ways to utilize Cumberland farm buildings on your ranch, as they can provide convenience and shelter for many different items. You can store equipment, supplies, or livestock inside just about any type of Cumberland custom pole barn.

This article will look a little deeper at a simple and convenient building design, a lean-to. These structures can provide multiple benefits on the farm without breaking the bank compared to other more advanced shops built by Cumberland custom post frame builders.

Some of the most commons uses for a lean-to building are:


  • Carport

  • Hay Storage

  • Horse Stall

  • Equipment Storage


A new Cumberland garage hobby shop might be too big of a structure for your needs, especially if you are only looking for a place to protect a vehicle from weather damage. A lean-to provides a roof over a car or truck that will prevent the sunlight from wreaking havoc on your vehicle’s paint, windows, and interior. Lean-tos also provide an extra layer of defense against falling debris, tree limbs, hail, snow, and ice.

Your carport can be customized to fit other items besides a standard vehicle. It may come in handy to store tractors, mowers, trailers, or other various types of equipment used on the farm. Many people also use a lean-to for camper and RV storage.

Cumberland farm building

Horse Stall

For those that own just a few horses, a lean-to can provide them more than ample shelter. Sure, your horses will want green pastures and space to roam around during the day, but when night falls, a lean-to can be the perfect structure to keep horses safe from storms and will keep them warms during the frigid winter months. For ranches with many horses, you may want to work with custom horse barn builders in Cumberland to design a larger building that better suits your needs.

Hay Storage

Lean-tos are a convenient spot to store square bales of hay for convenient access on the ranch. Farmers know just how tough it is to haul hay, especially if it is stored in a large barn or a hayloft. A lean-to’s open design provides easy access for loading, unloading, and stacking hay, so it makes for a very convenient Cumberland farm building.

Cumberland farm building

If you are looking to add a lean-to, pole barn, or any other type of post frame structure to your property, contact the leading Amish barn builders in Cumberland, MQS Structures. We will assist from the initial design process, clear until the finishing touches of the build.

Give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334, or contact us online to receive a free estimate. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Getting the Right Insurance Coverage for Farm Buildings in Pittsburgh

farm buildings in Pittsburgh

Whether it’s for a farm, commercial facility, or a garage, farm buildings in Pittsburgh are a significant investment for those that own them. Just like with a car or a home, a Pittsburgh farm building needs to be properly insured. Choosing the proper insurance coverage for your structure depends heavily on what the building will be used for. This article will provide you with some advice on choosing the right coverage for your new pole building in Pittsburgh.

Homeowners, Farm, and Commercial Policy Info

If your new building shares a lot with your current home, your homeowner’s policy can cover a structure that is up to 10 percent of your home’s value.  Homeowner’s insurance is typically used by many people who own a small post frame garage in Pittsburgh.  For larger buildings, especially if your pole barn is used for farm use, it will need to be covered under a farm insurance policy.  If your structure is not being used specifically for agricultural purposes, you may need to add a commercial insurance policy.

Actual Cash Value Policy

An actual cash value policy (ACV) will cover the building’s replacement value minus depreciation.  A pole barn’s age, condition, and how well it’s been maintained are all significant factors in determining a building’s depreciated value.  Most older farm buildings in Pittsburgh depreciate at a rate of 1% per year on materials.

farm buildings in Pittsburgh

Replacement Cost Policy

Another insurance option for Pittsburgh farm buildings is a replacement cost policy (RCP).  The difference between an RCP and an AVC policy is that an RCP will pay for the costs to replace an agricultural building, but it does not take depreciation into account. An RCP will pay up to the full limit of the policy if necessary. If the cost to replace the structure exceeds the policy limit, then you, as the building owner, will need to pay for the difference.

Which is Better: ACV or RCP?

If you are concerned about premium amounts for an ACV or RCP, the two dollar amounts should be about the same. However, many people opt for an ACV policy for new Pittsburgh farm buildings, while an RCP is typically the smarter choice for an older structure.

farm buildings in Pittsburgh

If you are thinking about adding a new structure to your property, whether it’s a garage hobby shop or new horse barn, MQS Structures can make it happen. Our custom horse barn builders in Pittsburgh will work with you to ensure your new building is built to the exact specifications to fit your needs.

To get started, give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online for a free estimate.

Choosing the Right Windows and Doors for a Pole Building in West Virginia

pole building in west virginia

When you are making the final customizations for your pole building in West Virginia, there are various ways to put your own unique style into the design. Choosing colors for the interior and exterior walls is one way to make your building your very own, as there are countless color combinations you can choose from (you can see all the different color options here). Then there are other items to consider, like if you prefer a dirt floor on concrete, whether or not you want to add a cupola to the roof, and how big you want the entire building to be.

One other area to give careful consideration is when you are choosing the doors and windows for your new West Virginia pole building. A pole barn offers many advantages, such as versatility, durability, and energy efficiency. The right windows and doors are a critical piece in keeping utilities under control for your West Virginia post frame building. This article will explain just how important doors and windows are to a high-quality post frame building in West Virginia.


There are numerous door options that West Virginia pole barn builders offer, but you want to make sure you choose the right door to fit your needs. Traditional sliding doors are ideal for a pole building in West Virginia that is used to house heavy-duty equipment; however, they are not a very energy-efficient option since they don’t seal when they are closed.

pole building in west virginia

Overhead doors are typically operated remotely and are more efficient for buildings that have heavy traffic. These doors will seal when closed, which means less air transfer and better energy efficiency. Although overheard doors typically cost more up-front, they can save building owners some extra money over the long haul.


When selecting windows, it is important to consider how effective they will be at keeping temperatures regulated. Look for windows that can still allow sunlight without the temperature significantly increasing. Windows with solar control window film can deflect the majority of the sun’s heat, which allows West Virginia pole buildings to stay cool.

pole building in west virginia

Using aluminum frames for your windows is the ideal choice for energy efficiency. They can withstand water penetration and are stronger than vinyl. Aluminum frames also have a thermal break which separates the inside and the outside of the frame. This keeps colder temperatures from going through the frame and causing drastic temperature fluctuation inside the West Virginia post frame building.

pole building in west virginia

If you are considering adding a new pole barn to your property, MQS Structures will assist you with everything from the design process until the final nail is hammered in. Contact the premier West Virginia Amish barn builders today at (855) MQS-3334, or you can request a free estimate here.

We look forward to working with you.

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