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7 Maintenance Tips for Your Cumberland Farm Building

Cumberland farm building

Just like with a home, there are always ways to upgrade and improve your Cumberland farm building.  Although pole buildings require less maintenance than other structures, there are still things you should check regularly to ensure your building is structurally sound.  As one of the leading Cumberland post frame buildersMQS Structures has compiled a list of maintenance tips to help keep your farm building in tip-top shape. 

Power Washing 

At least once a year, when the weather gets nice, you should use a power washer to remove and dirt and grime that has built up over the last several months.  Not only will this improve the appearance of your post frame building in Cumberland, but will decrease the chances of corrosion on the exterior. 

Cumberland farm building

Check the Roof 

The roof is a critical part of any structure, so be on alert for any potential leaks or trouble spots.  During a rainstorm, walk around the interior of your Cumberland pole building and check for any leaks, as they are easier to spot while it’s raining. 

Consider a New Paint Job 

If the exterior paint is showing signs of age, it may be time for a fresh coat to bring it back to life.  A new layer of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to make any structure look brand new without doing any major renovations. 

Cumberland farm building


If you see any condensation building up in your Cumberland farm building, it is likely due to insufficient airflow.  Excess moisture can eventually lead to corrosion, so it is something that should be addressed immediately.  MQS Structures suggests contacting a HVAC specialist to diagnose and repair any airflow issues. 

Check for Damaged Wood 

When you are walking through your custom pole barn in Cumberland, keep your eyes open for any deteriorating building materials.  With wooden building materials there is always the risk of wood damage due to termites and flying ants.  If termite damage is detected, be sure to contact an exterminator to address the issue. 

Cumberland farm building

Drafty Windows 

Although ventilation is important, you don’t want drafty doors and windows in your Cumberland pole building.  If you detect any drafts be sure to check and see if the vapor and air barriers are properly sealed. 

Examine the Weather Stripping 

If your doors and windows are not closing properly, it could be an issue with the weather stripping.  Replace the weather stripping as needed to ensure that all moisture stays outside, there are no drafts, and that all windows and doors seal properly. 


If you have any other questions regarding maintenance tips for your Cumberland post frame building or if you are thinking about adding another structure to your property, give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online to speak to a team member.  

Top Safety Tips for Pittsburgh Custom Pole Barns

Pittsburgh custom pole barns

As much as barn owners love riding horses, accidents can happen inside Pittsburgh custom pole barns if the proper precautions are not taken.  So, as one of the leading builders of various farm buildings in PittsburghMQS Structures has compiled a list of some of the best ways to keep everyone and your horses safe while inside your barn.

Have a First Aid Kit

Stay prepared for any type of injury with an updated first aid kit in your barn.  This is extra important if your barn is not close to a home or any other building.  Cuts and scrapes are always a possibility when riding or working in a barn, so be sure to stock up on items like bandages, wraps, gauze, and rubbing alcohol.  Be sure to have proper medical supplies for an injured animal as well.

Remove Dust and Cobwebs Regularly

A barn is bound to get dirty, but if you do your part to remove dust and cobwebs the chances of contracting an illness diminish significantly.  Also, dirty concrete surfaces can become slippery so be sure to occasionally wipe down, clean, and wash these surfaces inside your Pittsburgh pole building.

Keep Aisles Clear

Supplies and tools are easy to set aside and then later be forgotten while working in a Pittsburgh farm building.  Pay attention to where you leave your items if you are jumping from one task to another, and make sure you haven’t created a tripping hazard for someone else or an animal that’s inside the barn. 

Pittsburgh custom pole barns

Safely Store Chemicals or Cleaning Supplies

Small children and animals can be a little too curious at times, and they may want to open things that they shouldn’t.  Whether it’s bug spray, cleaning supplies, or other dangerous chemicals, make sure they stay locked in a safe place in your Pittsburgh farm building so they don’t end up in the wrong hands. 

Store Hay in a Separate Location

Although it may be convenient to store hay in the same structure as your horses, for safety purposes, pole barn builders in Pittsburgh recommend keeping hay bales in a different location.  Hay can be extremely flammable, especially when it is completely dry and the temperatures are warm inside the barn, so it is best to keep it away from all animals that live inside the barn. 

Pittsburgh custom pole barns

Hopefully, you found these safety tips beneficial towards keeping you, your fellow ranchers, and all your animals healthy and safe.  If you have any other barn questions or if you might be interested in adding another Pittsburgh custom pole barn to your farm, please give us a call.

You can reach us at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online to receive a free estimate!

Keeping Birds Out of Your Pole Building in West Virginia

pole building in West Virginia

Birds can provide many benefits for those that own a pole building in West Virginia.  Their chirping during a sunny day in April truly sets the mood for beautiful Spring day.  Birds are also effectively remove many insects from our lives, which is something many of us take for granted. 

Although they have their benefits, birds can also be quite a nuisance if they get inside and set up nests in your barn or garage hobby shop in West Virginia.  This article will explain some of the most effective ways to prevent birds from causing havoc in your West Virginia pole buildings. 

Visual Deterrants 

Initially you may have success setting up items like a scarecrow or even a fake plastic owl, as birds may be scared off by these “threats” in their minds.  After a period of time, birds usually adjust to these items and are no longer intimidated by their presence. 

pole building in West Virginia

Loud Noises

There are specific devices used to make noises loud enough to scare off birds, such as bird bangers and cannons.  These devices can make noises that mimic thunder which deters birds from entering your pole building in West Virginia.  Like scarecrows, birds eventually get used to the sound and these devices lose their effectiveness.   

One way many barn owners prolong the life of these noisemakers is by moving them to different locations.  This is an effective way to confuse birds and prevent them from setting up nests. 


Birds can enter a barn through windows and doors if they are left opened or unattended.  A few items that are perfect for your garage hobby shop in West Virginia are window screens and heavy plastic door strips.  Both of these items block birds from entering your barn while still allowing your barn to be properly ventilated.  This also lets your animals move in and out of the barn without manually opening doors for them. 

pole building in West Virginia


Bird repellents can come in liquid, granular, and adhesive form.  These items are typically not harmful to birds, but they offer something edible that has a bad taste, which deters birds from coming back to the same spot.  Repellents should be used carefully and moderately inside West Virginia farm buildings so that there are no harmful consequences for the birds. 

pole building in West Virginia

We hope these tips can help you maintain your pole building in West Virginia, and keep those pesky birds outside where they belong.  If you have any other questions about the different buildings we offer at MQS Structures, please give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or go online to request a free estimate. 

The Best Animals to Raise in a Small Ohio Farm Building

farm buildings in Ohio

Sure, we have all seen large farm buildings in Ohio that are used to house larger animals.  Some of the most common types of animals that you see inside agricultural buildings in Ohio are cattle and horses.  But what if you are just a novice rancher and want to try your hand at raising smaller animals that don’t pose quite as big of a challenge?

If that describes you, maybe a smaller post frame building in Ohio would be perfect for you to house a few animals that are lower-maintenance than the livestock we are used to seeing inside a barn.  Here’s a few suggestions of some animals that are perfect for you to tend to as you dip your toe into the farming/ranching world.


Our feathered friends are a great option to have around the farm as they require very little space, so they are a perfect fit for smaller farm buildings in Ohio.  Ducks are known as being very friendly and low maintenance as they rarely do any damage to their surroundings since they don’t have claws or sharp teeth.  Ducks can help maintain a garden by eating bugs and weak rooted plants.

farm buildings in Ohio

One thing to be cautious of with ducks is that they are bigger birds that move slowly.  These qualities make them vulnerable to predators, so be sure to keep them safely inside your agricultural building in Ohio on a nightly basis.


Another low maintenance animal that is ideal for ranching beginners is the rabbit.  These creatures are happy to eat multiple items like store-bought feed, vegetables, and grass clippings.  Though rabbits typically require hutches, these can be built or purchased for a fairly small amount.  Some ranchers have opted raise rabbits in a colony setting.  Though there is not one perfect way to raise rabbits, just make sure you have a safe place, like a small pole building in Ohio, where you can house them.

farm buildings in Ohio


Many people who raise chickens like having them for multiple purposes.  The most popular reason is the eggs, as many people love farm fresh eggs in their household.  Chickens are also a valuable source of meat and provide great fertilizer for gardens.  They can survive on store-bought feed, vegetables, weeds, grass clippings, or just about anything you throw their way.  Chickens can live comfortably in a coop which you can put inside your Ohio agricultural building.

farm buildings in Ohio

If you are considering jumping into the ranching world and need a new custom pole barn in Ohio for your animals, contact MQS Structures at (855) MQS-3334.  You can also request a free quote online, and one of our team members will be glad to follow up with you.


What Sports Can You Play in a Cumberland Pole Barn

Cumberland pole barn builders

As one of the leading Cumberland pole barn buildersMQS Structures has completed many projects where it may look like a typical barn on the exterior, but the barn owner has something else in mind for the interior.  Many of our Cumberland custom pole barns are built for the purpose of giving athletes a place to train or practice during inclement weather.

Let’s take a look at some of the different sports that can be played inside custom pole barns in Cumberland.


During the harsh winter months, basketball is a difficult sport to practice while outside.  Many college, high school, and rec league basketball teams have their season during the winter, so it’s hard to stay sharp and practice on your own without a good indoor facility.

Cumberland pole barn builders

A custom Cumberland post frame building has the height and width to accommodate at least half of a basketball court, if not a full 94foot court (depending on the size of your building).  Just make sure you have a smooth playing surface so that the ball bounces true and that you have good footing for your basketball workouts.


Obviously, you won’t be able to hold a full baseball game in a Cumberland agricultural building, but there should be ample space to play catch, set up a batting cage, set up a movable pitching mound, or install some artificial field turf to field ground balls.  Baseball is a sport that requires calm weather conditions, so having a place to train and practice during the winter could give you a leg up on the competition when the season starts in the spring. 

Cumberland pole barn builders


Again, there is not nearly enough capacity in a Cumberland pole building to hold an entire football game, but doing drills and workouts should not be a problem.  With field turf installed, you can run passing routes, simulate plays, and work on your footwork or technique no matter what the conditions are like outside.  Quarterbacks can set up targets and strengthen their passing skills and accuracy inside their one-of-a-kind workout facility.


There’s no real way to simulate skating on the ice, but in a Cumberland post frame garage you can still work on your shooting accuracy and your slap shot by setting up a hockey goal and firing away!  You may want to look into adding some padding for the walls though, as flying hockey pucks can definitely leave a mark on anything that gets in their way.

Cumberland pole barn builders


Many soccer fields now are turning to field turf as their playing surface, so if there’s a soccer player in your family, give them an area to train in your pole barn by adding a field turf surface and a soccer goal.  There should be plenty of space to work on footwork, passing, dribbling, and shooting drills inside your unique mini soccer field.

Cumberland pole barn builders

If you or a member of your family is a serious athlete needs a place to perfect those skills in the off-season, contact the premier Cumberland pole barn buildersMQS Structures, at (855) MQS-3334 or go online to receive a free estimate.

We look forward to working with you!

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