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The Importance of Metal Roofing for Kentucky Farm Buildings

Kentucky farm buildings

A roof is a critical feature for any structure, especially for Kentucky farm buildings. The roof serves as a barrier to protect all your contents inside from the outside elements. The majority of all Kentucky agricultural buildings are equipped with metal roofs, and there are many reasons why. This article will discuss some of the most significant reasons why metal should be your only roofing option for your next pole building in Kentucky.

Longest Lasting Roofing Material

If you are looking for a roof that will last the test of time, then metal is clearly the best option. Most shingled roofs made of asphalt or wood can expect a lifespan of around 20 years. However, metal roofs far exceed those standards, as most metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years. If you do the math, that means you may only have to consider a replacement roof for your Kentucky pole building once in a lifetime. That’s some pretty serious durability!

Fire Resistant

A fire inside any structure can be one of the scariest things you experience, especially if the building materials for your Kentucky custom pole barn are highly flammable. In the event of a fire, one area you won’t have to worry about being engulfed in flames is a metal roof. Many metal roofs come with a Class A fire rating, which is the highest-ranking any roofing material can receive. Metal is widely known as a material that deflects heat, and we will elaborate more on that in our next topic.

Kentucky farm buildings

Non-Heat Absorbing

During extremely hot weather, it can be difficult to regulate the interior temperature to a comfortable level inside Kentucky farm buildings. However, a metal roof can help with this since metal does not store heat like other roofing materials. Metal reflects the sun’s UV rays which helps keep your building’s temperature more manageable.

Better for the Environment

When a metal roof is towards the end of its 50+ years of effectiveness, it can still be recycled and used to make other products in the future. In fact, nearly all new metal roofing panels are made up of at least 30% recycled materials. Some metal roofs are comprised of 100% recycled materials, so you can see why metal is the most environmentally friendly choice for your roof.

Kentucky farm buildings

If you have any other questions about metal roofs for your next farm building in Kentucky, contact our team at MQS Structures. You can go online to receive a free estimate or give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334 and we would be glad to assist you.

Getting Your Post Frame Buildings in Kentucky Ready for Summer

post frame building in Kentucky

No matter the primary use for post frame buildings in Kentucky, there is always going to be some preparation required to get it ready for summer. Whether you have a storage shed, horse barn, or a post frame garage in Kentucky, there are multiple ways to get it ready for summer so that you can put your building to good use.

Maintenance and Repair

With severe weather season winding down, hopefully, check the exterior and interior of your Kentucky post frame building to see if you have any storm damage. Leaky roofs, wind damage, or drafty windows could all occur after a season of inclement weather. Check to see if there are any wet spots inside your building that might indicate a ceiling leak. Also, check for signs of mold or mildew, which could also be due to a leak. If so, be sure to have your building inspected for roof damage and have it repaired immediately to avoid any further issues.

Clean Everything Out

One of the best ways to get your Kentucky post frame garage clean is by starting with a blank canvas. On a day where the weather is nice and calm, take everything out of your garage or shed and do a deep clean. Once all your contents are outside, begin removing all trash, debris, loose hay, or any other junk that has accumulated inside over the last several months.

post frame building in Kentucky

Start Organizing

Once everything is outside, you can start making a solid plan on keeping your Kentucky post frame building organized. Start with some of your bigger objects like large equipment and heavy-duty tools and find the best place for those items. Then begin adding in the smaller items throughout your Kentucky farm building. To maximize space, hang smaller items on walls to allow room for more items that can be stacked on the floor. Using walls for storage also helps open up space to do numerous activities inside.

Lawn and Landscaping Work

Now that the weather has improved, it’s the perfect time to accent your building with flowers, bushes, plants, or mulch. Whether it’s a home or a post frame building in Kentucky, nothing upgrades a structure like high-quality landscaping.

post frame building in Kentucky

As a leading manufacturer of custom pole barns in Kentucky, MQS Structures can help design and build the perfect building to fit all your needs. From garage hobby shops to storage sheds, we will be with you every step of the way until your building is complete.

To get started, go online for a free estimate, or give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334. We look forward to working with you on your next new building.

Why Using Cumberland Custom Post Frame Builders is a Smart Choice for Commercial Buildings

Cumberland custom post frame builders

More and more, businesses in need of a new commercial building are hiring Cumberland custom post frame builders to complete the job. There are numerous advantages to using Cumberland post frame buildings, and this article will explain some of the most significant benefits.

Versatile Design

With all the latest materials and techniques available today, post frame buildings in Cumberland can be designed to match nearly any neighborhood. With a commercial building, you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb, so adapting to your neighbors’ style is always recommended.

post frame garage in Cumberland or a commercial building can have natural lighting options added to it like windows, garage doors, and lighter colored roof panels to allow enough sunlight to illuminate the building using minimal electricity. The exterior can be accented with wainscot, while the roofing and exterior walls can be your choice of color; basically, the different design combinations are nearly endless.

Easy to Customize the Interior

After your new commercial building is constructed by Cumberland custom post frame builders, the next step is to work on the interior. The interior walls and rooms can be set up as needed to fit your desired layout. These walls can be easily moved in the future since they are not load-bearing, and you can continue to customize each room’s dimensions to fit the needs of your commercial building.

Cumberland custom post frame builders

Large Entryways

Many homes and office buildings only have small doors for people to enter and leave, but that is the exact opposite when it comes to a commercial Cumberland post frame building. The entryways for many commercial buildings are large garage doors, making it easy for trucks to back into or to move large items and out of the facility.

Energy Efficient

post frame building in Cumberland will be constructed with far larger spacing between the support beams; this is a much more energy-efficient option than “stick-frame” buildings whose spacing is much more narrow. Insulation can be installed with much fewer breaks in a post frame building since the spacing allows for larger insulation pieces. Basically, a good rule of thumb is, “the more studs in the wall, the more energy than can be conducted through the walls.”

Cumberland custom post frame builders

If you are looking for a new commercial building to support your business, talk to the premier Cumberland custom post frame buildersMQS Structures. Our team will help you design the perfect commercial building for all your business’s needs. To get started, give us a call at (855) MQS-3334, or go online to receive a free estimate.

Ways to Add Extra Value to Your Farm in Pittsburgh

pittsburgh farm buildings

Your farm and all your Pittsburgh farm buildings are the core of your livelihood as a farmer. There are countless things that make up a farm and provide all the things needed to run a successful operation. Your farming property is very sacred to you and your family, and you want to make sure you invest back into your land, so here are some of the top ways you can increase the value of your land and all of your Pittsburgh post frame buildings.

Take Care of the Land

Over time, certain areas of land on your property can erode or become heavily covered with brush and thick weeds. Neglecting these areas will only make the problems worse. Eventually, heavy brush and weeds can grow near your post frame garage in Pittsburgh and diminish its quality and value. Make sure you regularly remove weeds, branches, or any other objects that are negatively affecting the property.

Improve Road Access

Farms don’t typically have the smoothest paths or roads for vehicles to drive on. If possible, try to create gravel roadways for easier access to your fields and farm buildings in Pittsburgh.  Gravel may not be a great option for everyone, and if that’s true for your property, simply clear as much brush and grass as possible to create dirt roadways. This will improve accessibility for various vehicles throughout the farm. Be sure to properly fill any holes in the road that will accumulate over time; this will reduce wear and tear on your vehicles.

pittsburgh farm buildings

Add Additional Structures

As your farm flourishes, you may need to add more equipment, and that means you need extra Pittsburgh post frame buildings to house anything from mowers to trailers to new tractors. Adding more storage options to any property will help improve its overall value and appeal.

Build a Pond

Nothing says “farm” like a watering hole that gives your horses and cattle easy access to water all year. If you and your family love to go fishing, there is no better place to cast a line than on the comfort of your own property. Bring the boat out of your Pittsburgh garage hobby shop, relax over the open water, and watch all the fish bite.

pittsburgh farm buildings

As one of the premier builders of Pittsburgh farm buildings, MQS Structures can construct the perfect shop for your farm. A new agricultural shed will not only provide value to your property but provide useful storage, especially during the frigid winters in Pittsburgh.

Our team is ready to assist you, so contact us online for a free estimate or give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334. We look forward to increasing the value of your property by adding the perfect new building to fit your needs.

The Benefits of a Pole Building in West Virginia for Boat Storage

pole buildings in West Virginia

Although many pole buildings in West Virginia are used for farm purposes, they can also be used for various other reasons. Many avid anglers and water sports enthusiasts enjoy using their building to store a boat and other boating supplies. Here are some of the benefits you and your boat will enjoy after you adding a new West Virginia post frame building to your property.

Prevents Damage

Since boats are designed to live on the water, they can withstand rain and snow pretty easily if they are stored outside. However, items like heavy winds, lightning, and hail are all potential risks that could damage your boat if it is constantly left outside. A West Virginia pole building will ensure that your boat is protected from all harmful weather conditions.

A storage structure for your boat can also prevent damage from items like falling tree branches, debris, or vandalism. When your boat doesn’t have a roof over its head, there are always risks, and a new pole building in West Virginia can help keep your prized investment in good working condition.

pole buildings in West Virginia


If you ever need to get to your boat for something you may have left behind, it is a major inconvenience to drive back down to the lake or to your boat’s storage facility. Or maybe you want to do a little maintenance on your boat but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own property. With a new post frame building in West Virginia on your land, your boat can be stored just a few steps away from your home so that you’ll have easy access to it all year round.


West Virginia pole buildings can provide countless cost-saving benefits for you and your boat over time. If you were to use a storage facility for your boat, you will have fees to pay every month while your boat is in storage. Also, think about the extra time and gas money you will be using by driving back and forth to the storage facility each time you are ready to head to the lake. Although they may cost more upfront, the investment is worth it when you purchase a West Virginia pole building for boat storage.

pole buildings in West Virginia

If you are looking for boat storage options, then a new post frame building might be the perfect solution for you. Talk to one of our team members today and find out all the benefits a new pole barn can offer you and your boat.

Give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online to receive a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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