Advantages of Post Frame Construction Over Steel Frame Construction

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Many business owners experiencing growth face the need for a new building. If you need to build a warehouse, office space, agricultural building, garage, workshop, or something similar, you may be weighing the advantages and disadvantages of wooden post frame construction and steel frame construction.

At MQS Structures, we build post frame buildings in Pittsburgh and other areas every day. We recognize that there are, undoubtedly, advantages to choosing steel if you are building a four-story office building, large sports arena, or anything needing roof trusses longer than 150 feet. Nonetheless, if you are building a barn, garage, hobby shop, retail space, or even a small warehouse (around 15,000 square feet), there are definite advantages to post-frame construction with a professional Pittsburgh custom post frame builder.


Advantage #1 – Efficiency

Post frame buildings in Pittsburgh are customarily built with 6-inch vertical posts. This allows for a full six inches of wall insulation all the way around the building versus 3-inch wall insulation on steel buildings. This can be the difference of an insulation value of R19 instead of R9.5. Similarly, because post frame buildings are designed with 4/12 roof pitch or greater, pole barn builders in Pittsburgh can blow-in attic insulation with a value of R38. Most steel buildings are designed with 3-inch roof insulation, holding an insulation value of R9.5. This difference alone adds up to tremendous long-term savings if you plan to heat or cool your building.

Pittsburgh Pole Building

Advantage #2 – Wood Frame Buildings are Often Stronger Than Steel Buildings

When comparing similar-sized pieces of steel and wood, the steel is obviously stronger. However, when comparing a standard design Pittsburgh pole building to a standard design steel building of the same shape and size, the pole building is generally stronger. The strength of Pittsburgh pole buildings lies in the design of the entire building, including heavy-duty laminated vertical posts, powerful roof trusses, and a metal exterior.


Advantage #3 – Wood Frame Buildings are Generally More Cost-Efficient Than Steel Frame Buildings

Not only is lumber almost always priced lower than steel, but construction of a pole building in Pittsburgh is less labor-intensive than a steel structure. Although building prices can vary depending on the intended use of the building, the market price of steel and lumber, and the builder you work with, the difference is clear: Pittsburgh pole buildings have proven to be more cost-efficient in most instances.

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