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5 Reasons Building a Post Frame Building in Ohio is a Great Investment

Post Frame Building in Ohio

Are you dreaming of expanding your farm, small business, side hustle, or hobby into something bigger? As projects grow, they need space. One of the best ways to add much-needed space is with a post frame garage or post frame building in Ohio. These types of buildings can be used for a variety of purposes and offer a great return on investment.

Reason #1: Add Value to Your Property

An attractive and properly built post frame building in Ohio increases property value regardless of how you use it. The advantage of constructing a post frame building is that it can serve a wide variety of purposes––a shop, garage, storage, man cave, or anything else you can imagine. This also means that when it comes time to resell your property, a potential buyer will be able to use it for whatever they choose.

Reason #2: Grow Your Small Business or Hobby into Something Bigger

Is your small business growing? Do you need space to store materials, tools, or work vehicles? Are you building a project car? Small businesses and even hobbies can quickly outgrow your garage or living room. If you are serious about doing things right––make the right investment. A garage hobby shop in Ohio or post frame garage in Ohio may be exactly what you need.

Reason #3: Invest in Your Own Property Instead of Paying Rent to Someone Else

One mistake many small business owners make is spending money paying rent to someone else when that isn’t necessary. Instead of paying to use someone else’s land or building, invest in your own property. There is no return on your investment when you pay rent, so investing in your own land makes much more financial sense.

Post Frame Building in Ohio

Reason #4: Do Business the Right Way

As the saying goes, “anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Is your farm growing? Instead of constructing temporary shelters or wasting time by overloading buildings you already own, consider a custom pole barn in Ohio. A custom pole barn builder in Ohio can save you time and money by managing the entire construction process for you, giving you the freedom to focus on your growing business.

Reason #5: Build Exactly What YOU Need

One of the great advantages of a post frame building in Ohio or a post frame garage in Ohio is that they can be used in a variety of ways. However, if you decide to build one you get to choose how big it is, how many doors it has, and a variety of other options. Plus, if you work with the right builder, you know you are getting a quality, long-lasting, low-maintenance building.

Post Frame Building in Ohio

Are You Ready to Build? Do You Need More Information? Contact MQS Structures.

MQS Structures has been building post frame buildings and agricultural buildings in Ohio for over 25 years. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you build exactly what you need.

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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage

Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage

When constructing a new Pittsburgh post frame garage, it is not an overly complicated process. After your build site is prepped, the materials are delivered, and then the pole barn builders in Pittsburgh arrive and take over the project. Soon, construction will begin on your new Pittsburgh post frame building.

For any major project, like building a post frame garage in Pittsburgh, there is a lot of work to be done before the construction starts. There are different design aspects and preparations to do before you see any visible results. In fact, some inexperienced companies don’t spend enough time on the fine details upfront, and it ends up affecting the quality of their work later on.

We have outlined three of the most common mistakes people make when designing and constructing Pittsburgh post frame garages.

You Didn’t Hire the Right Company to do the Job

No matter what type of structure that you’re building, the most important thing is to hire a crew that knows exactly what they’re doing. Make sure you do your research and read customer reviews to ensure you have hired the right partner to complete the project.

Sure, it might be tempting to order a pole barn kit and recruit a few people you know to get the job done yourselves. But for a significant investment like a new Pittsburgh post frame building, is it worth the gamble? When you work with a group of professionals like MQS Structures, you will have peace of mind knowing that your new building will last the long haul. Trust our experience, high-quality craftsmanship, and our list of countless satisfied customers.

Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage

You Built the Wrong Size Garage Hobby Shop in Pittsburgh

One common mistake is building a new garage for what you need now, and not considering what you may have in the future. If you are designing your building now and own two vehicles, but think you may add a third vehicle, a boat, or an off-road vehicle in the future, make sure you consider these items before you agree on the final building design.

You Chose a Poor Site Location

Some building owners encounter problems soon after construction starts. This is because they realize that their build site is in a bad location. Some common mistakes might include:

  • Building in an area that’s difficult to get to
  • There’s no access to water or electricity
  • It’s an open area that is vulnerable to high winds

Be sure to consider all these factors and any other concerns you have before construction begins. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a building that lacks many of the functions that you want.

Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage

If you are thinking about enhancing your property by adding a new garage, hobby shop, barn, shed, or farm building in Pittsburgh, contact MQS Structures today. We have the knowledge, experience, and proper training to build the perfect structure to fit your needs.

Give us a call today at (855) 677-3334, or contact us online to receive a free quote on your next project. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Calculating Wind Loads for Kentucky Pole Buildings

Kentucky Pole Buildings

As we all know, the weather in Kentucky can be unpredictable at times. The summers can be scorching hot, the winters can be frigid, and then there can be a wide variety of different weather elements in between.

Now that winter is upon us, many owners of Kentucky pole buildings may be concerned about snow loads, and if their building is strong enough to withstand heavy snow accumulation. Snow load capacity is very important, but so is another aspect that measures a building’s strength – wind load capacity.

Wind loads are calculated by Kentucky pole barn builders to determine the strength of the structure. Six critical factors are considered when calculating a buildings wind loads; these include:

  • Wind Speeds
  • Wind Speed Exposure
  • Topography
  • Pole Building Size
  • Pole Building Shape
  • Number of Leaks or Gaps and the Size of Each

Wind Speeds

We measure wind speed the same way a car’s speed is measured, by miles per hour. Throughout this list, you will see there are numerous factors that are combined with wind speed that help calculate wind loads for Kentucky farm buildings.

Kentucky Pole Buildings

Wind Speed Exposure

A Kentucky pole building’s surroundings can significantly impact its wind load capacity. If a building is located in an elevated area, it could be exposed to much higher winds. Also, if there are no trees or hills blocking the wind, the building’s wind exposure risk will increase. However, if a pole building in Kentucky is located in a low-lying area with numerous trees that can block the wind, its wind exposure will be much lower.

Topography/Wind Force

Once a structure’s wind exposure is determined, then the wind force must be factored into the equation. Wind force can fluctuate if there are abrupt changes in the building’s surroundings. Areas that could be subject to higher wind force are locations near ridges, isolated hills, or anything that could increase wind speeds.

Pole Building Size

A taller pole building will most likely be exposed to higher wind speeds than a shorter building. So if you are thinking about building a one-story or two-story agricultural building in Kentucky, just know that the two-story building may get an entirely different wind load rating than a one-story structure.

Pole Building Shape

Kentucky pole barn builders know that the design of a structure can also impact its wind load rating. The aerodynamics of each design can result in higher or lower wind pressure than other structures.

Number of Leaks and the Size of Each

Your pole building will have different areas where air can enter to help ventilate the structure. This can also cause an increase or decrease in pressure, thus affecting your wind load capacity.

Kentucky Pole Buildings
If you are thinking about adding a new structure to your property, reach out to our experts at MQS Structures. Our team of professional Kentucky pole barn builders can help design and construct the perfect building for you. Whether it’s a shed for your farm equipment or a garage hobby shop to do your favorite hobby, we do it all!

Give us a call today at (855) 677-3334, or contact us online to receive a free quote on your next project.

Cleaning Tips for Your Custom Pole Building in Cumberland

Pole Building in Cumberland

If you are the proud owner of a custom pole building in Cumberland, you know it can be difficult to clean. That is especially true during the winter. There are messy elements to deal with, like mud, snow, and ice, so it can seem like a never-ending battle to keep your building clean.

As one of the leading companies for designing and constructing sheds, barns, garages, and other Cumberland farm buildings, MQS Structures has some helpful advice on keeping your structure organized and clean during the winter. By implementing these tips, you can keep the mud, snow, and ice outside where it belongs.

Put Floor Mats On Top of Your Concrete Floor

Many farm buildings in Cumberland do not have concrete floors. That’s because many agricultural buildings are primarily used to store farm equipment, and a dirt floor works very well. However, if your building does have a concrete floor, you can protect it by adding floor mats in higher traffic areas.

Concrete floors can become dirty or stained when slush, snow, and mud are tracked in. They can also be damaged if salt or ice melt is accidentally tracked inside and not removed quickly. Floor mats provide an extra barrier that separates these harmful elements from the concrete. They also provide added traction, which prevents slips and falls.

Another added benefit of floor mats; they are easy to clean. They can be removed and then hosed off outside if the weather allows. If you choose to clean them inside your Cumberland pole building, you can use a squeegee or vacuum to remove any mess that has accumulated. Once you are done using the mats for the season, you can give your mats one more thorough cleaning and roll them up and store them until next winter.

Pole Building in Cumberland

Clean Your Vehicles Before Parking Inside Your Post Frame Garage in Cumberland

If excess snow, mud, or slush has built up on your vehicle, there is a pretty good chance it will end up on the floor of your pole building in Cumberland. Slush becomes frozen and stuck to your vehicle after you’ve been driving on snowy roads, but once your vehicle is parked inside, the slush will melt. This will result in a messy floor that will need to be cleaned up.

To keep your Cumberland farm building clean, remove as much excess slush as you can before you park inside. If you leave the mud and slush on your vehicle, it could result in a messy floor that will need to be cleaned up later.

Keep Your Cumberland Farm Building Organized

One of the best ways to keep any area clean is by developing an organizational system. Start by finding ways to get tools and supplies off the ground. You may need to invest in shelves, hooks, rubber totes, or other organizational supplies that will make all your contents easier to find.

Pole Building in Cumberland

Our team at MQS Structures builds the highest quality farm buildings, garages, sheds, and hobby shops throughout West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. So, if you are looking for a new pole building in Cumberland, we are the perfect partner to work with.

To get started, give our team a call today at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online to receive a free quote. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Using Your Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage for Seasonal Storage

Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage

Now that we are in the middle of winter, there are numerous things that need to be packed away until the weather improves and the seasons change. Of course, many of us rent out a unit at a storage facility which can be around $100 a month for a small unit and upwards of $300 a month for larger units.

However, if you have room, your Pittsburgh post frame garage can be a great place to store your seasonal items until you are ready to use them again. Here are some of the most popular items that people choose to store inside their post frame garage in Pittsburgh.

Christmas Decorations

Now that the holiday season is behind us, many people are looking for the most convenient place to store their decorations. If you are someone who goes all out for Christmas, you probably have some large decorations that can’t be stored in a closet or storage totes. You need a place where your decorations can be stored without being crammed and potentially damaged.

A Pittsburgh post frame building is a great place to store your bulky Christmas decorations. If you have inflatable items, prelit reindeer decorations, or other large items, you can use your post frame building to safely store these items until next Christmas.

Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage

Patio Furniture

Although patio furniture is designed to be very durable and withstand some pretty harsh weather conditions, it can still show some signs of wear and tear if left outside for the entire winter. With snow and ice constantly accumulating on your furniture’s surface, it can cause seat cushions to wither, paint to fade, and result in the materials breaking down.

You should store your patio furniture in a safe location during the winter, and a great option is inside your post frame building in Pittsburgh. This way, your furniture is protected from all of mother nature’s elements, and it will be in great shape once the weather gets warmer again.

Gardening Equipment and Supplies

For several months out of the year, it is common for many people to leave their gardening supplies outside. This can include flower pots, gardening tools, garden hoses, and more. However, winter weather can damage these items if they are not properly stored.

You should consider storing all these items inside a Pittsburgh post frame garage, especially during the winter. This way, you can prevent your supplies from cracking or breaking down due to the extreme temperatures, ice, and snow.

Pittsburgh Post Frame Garage

Are You Thinking About Building a Post Frame Garage in Pittsburgh?

Besides seasonal storage, a post frame garage can be a useful structure for numerous different things. You can use it to park vehicles, it can be a great place to work on hobbies, or it can be your own personal man cave. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you are considering adding a new Pittsburgh garage hobby shop to your property, contact MQS Structures today at (855) 677-3334. You can also click here to receive a free quote on your next project.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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