Aesthetic Options for Pole Barns

Aesthetic Options for Pole Barns

There are many aesthetic options for pole barns when it comes to the design process of custom pole barns in Ohio. Here at MQS Structures, where we build post frame buildings in Ohio, here are a few features you can add to aesthetically enhance your new barn.


Whether you realized it or not, you have likely seen a cupola before. A cupola is a small, hollow structure that protrudes from the roof of a pole building in Ohio. They are a very common feature among pole barns, as they provide more than just aesthetic appeal. Cupolas are typically installed for ventilation and natural lighting.


Like a cupola, it is also likely you have seen wainscot before, not just on a barn. Wainscot is another very popular feature that people choose to add to their agricultural buildings in Ohio. It is a 3-5 foot strip of steel that wraps around the base on a barn and serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Installing wainscot is always a great idea, as it’s easier to replace if it becomes damaged rather than replacing an entire wall.


A dormer is a small structure, typically containing a window, that projects vertically from a sloped roof. Similar to cupolas, dormers also add natural lighting and a decent amount of appeal to farm buildings in Ohio. While they are extremely common on traditional homes, they can be added to pole barns just as well.

Carriage Style Garage Door

If aesthetics are important to you, choosing a carriage style garage door over a basic commercial or residential garage door is often viewed as much more attractive.

For more information about our custom pole barns in Ohio, give us a call at (855) 677-3334. MQS is the place to do business with when you are concerned about curb appeal. We offer a variety of features that will aesthetically enhance and increase functionality in your new agricultural buildings in Ohio!


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