Are Gutters Necessary for Pole Barns?

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

When you are designing a custom pole barn in Pittsburgh, there are various factors to consider.  How big should the building be?  What color would look best?  What features should be added?  The list is pretty long, that’s for sure. 

One area some people may consider trying to save money on is the gutters.  Many people think that since their pole building in Pittsburgh won’t be used as a residence, they can save some money by skipping out on having gutters installed.  This article will look at some of the factors that may help you decide what to do regarding gutters for your Pittsburgh custom pole barn. 


The most important factor when making a decision about gutters is knowing your climate.  If you are in a hot, dry area like many parts of Arizona or Southern California, gutters may not be necessary for a structure.  However, when it comes to Pittsburgh pole buildings, that’s a different story. 

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

Precipitation Amounts 

On average, the city of Pittsburgh receives quite a bit of moisture in a typical calendar year.  During a typical year, Pittsburgh has precipitation for 140 of the 365 calendar days.  So that averages out to two or three days a week where there will be either rain, hail, snow, sleet, or ice falling from the sky. 

The average amount of total rainfall in a year is over 38 inches, while the average yearly snowfall is over 27 inches.  So, with a combined total of 65 inches of precipitation, you can see why gutters might be a good investment for your post frame garage in Pittsburgh 

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

Benefits of Gutters 

During heavy storms, gutters play a critical role in keeping Pittsburgh agricultural buildings structurally sound.  Gutters will collect moisture coming off the roof and carry it through a downspout, which pushes it away from the building.   

Without gutters and downspoutscustom pole barns in Pittsburgh would be vulnerable to water pooling near the structure.  Excess water accumulation can cause the building to wear down more quickly and can also cause issues with the building’s foundation. 

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

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