Are Pole Barns Safe in Severe Weather?

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If you live in an area prone to severe weather, one of the first questions that should come to mind when building a pole barn is its ability to resist high winds, snow loads, or extended periods of rain. Fortunately, a well-built pole building in West Virginia can stand up strong against almost any weather conditions.

High Winds

Damage is caused during high winds when winds blow parallel to the ground. As the wind blows across the roof of a building, a lifting effect is produced which has the potential to tear the roof up and off. Post frame buildings in West Virginia have two design features that resist this kind of damage. First, the walls on post-frame buildings are attached to posts that reach three to six feet underground and are set in cement. Second, a properly built pole barn has the roof trusses securely attached to the walls with either hurricane ties, plumber’s straps, or another similar mechanism.


The primary problem created by snow is the burden of snow on your barn’s roof. The best custom pole barns in West Virginia are built with heavy-duty roof trusses and heavy gauge steel. Professional custom post frame builders in West Virginia calculate snow loads before finalizing the design of roof supports, roof slope, and the spacing of wall posts and trusses. Heavy snow loads require a more robust structure, but this is always considered during the design phase.

Heavy Rain

Strong winds and heavy rains can produce leaks in your building’s roof, walls, windows, and doors. Standing water can also permeate the soil and cause building foundations to shift. Because post frame buildings in West Virginia don’t use monolithic slab foundations, they are at a much lower risk of problems related to overly wet soil. If the area where you live regularly experiences rain and high winds, you can choose roof vents, door trim, and window trim specifically designed for protection from heavy wind and rain.

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