Are Post Frame Buildings Environmentally Friendly?

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Over the last ten years, we have observed that more of our customers are interested in environmentally friendly building methods. The good news is that post frame buildings in Pittsburgh are some of the most environmentally friendly modern buildings. It is true that building with bamboo, adobe, or recycled tires may technically be more earth-conscious, but those methods are not very practical if you need a barn or a large garage.

Our team at MQS Structures has compiled some important facts you should know about the environmental impact of a pole building in Pittsburgh.

Post Frame Construction Uses Fewer Materials Than Other Building Methods

Pole barns and other post frame buildings are built using stout vertical posts as the primary means for sustaining the structure. Strong posts and powerful roof trusses allow for larger continuous spaces and require much less lumber than stick frame construction.

 Post Frame Buildings Can Be Heated and Cooled More Efficiently

Post frame buildings are customarily built with 6-inch vertical posts. This allows for a full six inches of wall insulation all the way around the building versus 3-inch wall insulation on steel-framed and stick-framed buildings. This can be the difference of an insulation value of R19 instead of R9.5.

Similarly, because post frame buildings are designed with 4/12 roof pitch or greater, pole barn builders in Pittsburgh can blow-in attic insulation with a value of R38. Most steel buildings are designed with 3-inch roof insulation, holding an insulation value of R9.5. This difference means significantly less energy will be wasted when heating or cooling your building.

Post Frame Construction Disturbs the Building Location Less Than Other Methods

Most custom post frame builders in Pittsburgh assemble roof trusses and cut most of their materials off-site so that construction is faster, more efficient, and wastes less material. While there are definite economic benefits to building this way, it also means that construction crews spend less time on site.

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Post Frame Buildings Last Longer Than Other Building Styles

At MQS Structures, we offer a 50-year column and a 40-year steel warranty. Many other Pittsburgh pole barn builders offer similar warranties because properly built post frame barns are built to last. Consider the waste involved when replacing an asphalt shingle roof every 20-25 years. Not only do metal roofs and siding last longer than other materials, they can be manufactured out of recycled materials and also recycled at the end of their useful life.

MQS Structures: Custom Post Frame Builders in Pittsburgh

If you are interested in building a barn, shop, garage, or even home, post-frame construction is an excellent choice. If you need help with the building process, contact MQS Structures.

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