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As Amish barn builders in Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, and West Virginia, we at MQS Structures understand that the most important part of the buying and building process is the final outcome of the product you have just purchased. That is why we invest a high level of expectation and training into our crew of custom post frame builders in Ohio. Plus, we offer a variety of building options!

Our crews are company trained and receive some of the highest praise from our customers because of their efficiency and customer service. Here’s what a recent customer said about the MQS Structures install crew as they built a pole building in Ohio:

“The crew was amazing! They worked long and hard, kept the site well maintained, were easy to communicate with and a pleasure to have around. We are so pleased with the results, and will be more than happy to refer others to MQS Structures”

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Our custom pole barns can be built in a fraction of the time (and money) compared to many other types of buildings. The reason is simple. The old fashioned values of hard work and expert craftsmanship that our owner Caleb Miller inherited from his Amish background is still practiced today at MQS Structures. We pride ourselves in being some of the best Amish barn builders and we aren’t afraid to prove it!

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  • 1. Dumping the materials.

  • 2. Awaiting the install crew.

  • 3. Drilling the post holes.

  • 4. Installing the base skirt board.

  • 5. Installing the side girts.

  • 6. Installing the truss supports.

  • 7. Installing the roof trusses.

  • 8. Installing the roof purlins.

  • 9. Installing doors and windows.

  • 10. Installing the roof steel over foil insulation.

  • 11. Installing the siding.

  • 12. Installing the garage doors.

  • 13. Installing the corner trim.

  • 14. Finishing the concrete.

  • 15. The finished building.

With a combination of modern technology and old fashioned values, MQS Structures offers you an opportunity to experience the pleasure of working with a company specializing in custom pole barns in Ohio with a high level of integrity, work ethic, and customer service.

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