Choosing from the Top Insulation Options for Custom Pole Barns in Ohio

Custom Pole Barns in Ohio

At MQS Structures, we design and build custom pole barns in Ohio that are used for a wide variety of purposes. Many barns are used to store hay or simply used as a lean-to shelter for various items. Buildings like these and many other types of pole barns do not require any type of insulation.

However, with winter underway here in Ohio, it might be a good idea to consider adding some insulation to your Ohio custom pole barn if you need the temperature to be regulated. In this article, we will discuss some of the different insulation options that you can have installed after our experienced Ohio pole barn builders complete your structure.

Four of the most popular types of barn insulation include:

  • Foam Board Panels
  • Fiberglass Batting
  • Loose-Fill Fiberglass
  • Spray Foam Insulation

Foam Board Panels

One of the biggest benefits of using foam board panels is that they are relatively low maintenance. Once they are installed inside pole barns in Ohio, they tend to last for quite some time. When they do eventually break down, repairing them typically involves replacing the boards that have cracked. This can normally be covered up by using canned foam.

Foam board panels are also very resistant to moisture, which lowers the risk of mold or mildew build-up if there’s a leak. The panels’ joints are also easy to seal, which reduces airflow.

Fiberglass Batting

One of the most recognizable forms of insulation is fiberglass batting. Its appearance resembles wool with a pink bubble gum color. Some call it “cotton candy” insulation because of its light, fluffy, pink appearance. Fiberglass batting is composed of flexible fibers and is one of the most common types of insulation used for Ohio post frame buildings.

This material can cause irritation if it directly touches the skin, so be sure to avoid wearing short sleeves and shorts when installing this product. Fiberglass batting is relatively affordable and can easily be found at many home improvement stores.

Custom Pole Barns in Ohio

Loose-Fill Fiberglass

Although loose-fill fiberglass might be the least expensive option compared to the other three choices in this list, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the ideal choice for custom pole barns in Ohio. That’s because loose-fill fiberglass is most commonly used for the attic and not the sidewalls.

Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is made up of small pieces that are often white and fluffy and rest on the attic’s floor. Typically, this form of insulation lasts around 25 years before it needs to be replaced.

Spray Foam Insulation

One of the most effective forms of insulation for Ohio pole barns is spray foam insulation. This low maintenance material expands and insulates right after it is released. One reason spray foam is so popular is because of its flexibility. It can get into difficult areas, like cracks and crevices, and form a solid barrier that helps regulate the temperature.

Custom Pole Barns in Ohio

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