Choosing the Right Doors and Windows for Your Pole Barn

Once you have decided to build a pole barn, West Virginia Farm Building, or West Virginia post frame garage, the next step is to choose from the multitude of options available to you. Post frame buildings are endlessly customizable. You can choose from a large variety of building materials, floors, doors, windows, wainscotting, insulation, lighting, and more.

Your choices will primarily depend on the purpose you designate for the building. Two of the most critical elements for your building are the windows and doors.

Most pole barn builders in West Virginia have recommended door and window options they offer as part of a standard build package. Nonetheless, don’t feel unnecessarily boxed in by those options if you have a specific need for special doors and windows.

Important Factors for Choosing Doors and Windows

As you consider which doors and windows to choose, here is a list of questions you should ask:

Do I plan on having animals inside the building? What kind of animals?

This question can significantly influence the type of door you choose. Most agricultural buildings in West Virginia that are used to shelter large livestock use sliding doors or swinging doors instead of overhead doors.

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Does my building require insulation?

If you plan on insulating, heating, or cooling your building, install doors that seal sufficiently to keep heat where it belongs. If you are building an office or living quarters and plan on installing an HVAC system, you may also want to consider installing modern double or triple-pane windows.

How much do I have to spend?

Additional doors and windows can dramatically improve the appearance and functionality of your building, but they also make your project more expensive. West Virginia farm buildings typically don’t need many doors and windows.

Do I plan on spending many hours a day inside the building?

If you plan on spending time inside the building working for a significant amount of time each week, it may be a good decision to install extra windows or doors to let natural light inside. This will help you reduce spending on electric lighting.

Am I concerned about security?

Depending on where you plan on building and what you plan to put inside your building, you may be concerned about security. Unnecessary doors and windows may just be additional points of entry for thieves. Security concerns may also influence the type of doors you choose. Solid wood or heavy steel doors and steel door frames can help keep your building more secure.

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