Choosing the Right Flooring Option for Your West Virginia Pole Building

West Virginia pole building

When you are making the final design choices for your West Virginia pole building there are several ways to incorporate your style into the process.  You can choose different colors for the exterior walls and the roof, then there’s choosing the style of garage door that works best for your building, not to mention picking out the windows and entry doors, as well as many other aesthetic items that require your final approval.

One other decision you should put a great amount of thought into is your flooring.  Believe it or not, there’s actually several different flooring options you can use for a pole building in West Virginia.  This article will explain some of them a little more in-depth so that you can make an educated final decision.


Dirt Flooring

The least expensive flooring option for your West Virginia agricultural building is dirt flooring.  One benefit of dirt floors is that dirt is easy on the feet of your livestock, especially horses.  That’s one of the reasons why dirt floors are nearly always used for custom horse barns and riding arenas.

West Virginia pole building


If your pole building in West Virginia will be used primarily house your farm equipment, then gravel may be a better alternative.  Gravel requires minimal maintenance for the most part and that might be why it’s very appealing to many building owners.  The only maintenance required is occasionally adding extra gravel and grading it so that it fills in any divots or low spots.

West Virginia pole building

Gravel is also a less expensive option than higher-end alternatives like concrete or rubber flooring.  It is also considered by many to be more aesthetically pleasing than dirt flooring.

Rubber Mats

A good option for your West Virginia pole building’s flooring is multiple rubber mats.  Although these may be somewhat pricey, you don’t necessarily need to purchase them for the entire floor of your building.  Walkways that have heavy foot traffic, especially from horses, are an ideal place to put down mats.  This creates a much more comfortable walking surface for animals to walk across.


The most popular flooring option for custom pole barns in West Virginia is concrete.  Whether your building is used as a workshop, hobby shop, or for animals, concrete is very versatile and is a clean, smooth surface that can be used for a number of purposes.  Concrete is extremely durable and can be cleaned easily with basic sweeping, vacuuming, or by hosing it down with a garden hose or power washer.

West Virginia pole building

If you are considering a new West Virginia custom pole barn, and have questions about different flooring options, give our team at MQS Structures a call today at (855) MQS-3334.  You can also click here and fill out a form for a free estimate on your next project.

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