Cleaning Checklist For Your Pole Barn In Ohio

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Although custom pole barns in Ohio are designed to be a maintenance-free building, it is still a building and will require inspections to ensure it is running correctly. As custom post frame builders in Ohio, we want your pole barn to last as long as possible, which can be done with some casual maintenance projects. Here is a cleaning checklist for your pole barn we have put together. 


Check the Siding 

Because agricultural buildings in Ohio are made from steel, it is possible that the exterior siding gets dented or dinged up. This can occur from severe weather causing branches to fly and hit the siding, or tractors riding close to the building and kicking gravel up. Custom post frame builders in Ohio suggest adding wainscot to your pole barn, as it is much easier and cheaper to replace than siding. 


Lubricate Doors 

If your pole building in Ohio has sliding doors or garage doors, it may be a good idea to lubricate them every few years to ensure they are working properly and that no damage has occurred to them over the years. If you notice that the weather sealing has deteriorated, you can easily replace it yourself.  


Power Wash the Siding 

Over time, the exterior of your building will accumulate dirt and grime. Take care of it by power washing the siding every couple of years. This will ensure the dirt doesn’t start tarnishing the surface and that your farm buildings in Ohio will stay in good condition for as long as possible. 


Clean Gutters  

A common forgotten maintenance task for barns is the cleaning and checking of the gutters. Ensure your gutters and drains aren’t clogged with debris, as it will slowly start to destroy the building.  


For more information about agricultural buildings in Ohio, contact us at MQS Structures or follow along with our regular blog posts. 

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