Cleaning Tips for Your Custom Pole Building in Cumberland

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If you are the proud owner of a custom pole building in Cumberland, you know it can be difficult to clean. That is especially true during the winter. There are messy elements to deal with, like mud, snow, and ice, so it can seem like a never-ending battle to keep your building clean.

As one of the leading companies for designing and constructing sheds, barns, garages, and other Cumberland farm buildings, MQS Structures has some helpful advice on keeping your structure organized and clean during the winter. By implementing these tips, you can keep the mud, snow, and ice outside where it belongs.

Put Floor Mats On Top of Your Concrete Floor

Many farm buildings in Cumberland do not have concrete floors. That’s because many agricultural buildings are primarily used to store farm equipment, and a dirt floor works very well. However, if your building does have a concrete floor, you can protect it by adding floor mats in higher traffic areas.

Concrete floors can become dirty or stained when slush, snow, and mud are tracked in. They can also be damaged if salt or ice melt is accidentally tracked inside and not removed quickly. Floor mats provide an extra barrier that separates these harmful elements from the concrete. They also provide added traction, which prevents slips and falls.

Another added benefit of floor mats; they are easy to clean. They can be removed and then hosed off outside if the weather allows. If you choose to clean them inside your Cumberland pole building, you can use a squeegee or vacuum to remove any mess that has accumulated. Once you are done using the mats for the season, you can give your mats one more thorough cleaning and roll them up and store them until next winter.

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Clean Your Vehicles Before Parking Inside Your Post Frame Garage in Cumberland

If excess snow, mud, or slush has built up on your vehicle, there is a pretty good chance it will end up on the floor of your pole building in Cumberland. Slush becomes frozen and stuck to your vehicle after you’ve been driving on snowy roads, but once your vehicle is parked inside, the slush will melt. This will result in a messy floor that will need to be cleaned up.

To keep your Cumberland farm building clean, remove as much excess slush as you can before you park inside. If you leave the mud and slush on your vehicle, it could result in a messy floor that will need to be cleaned up later.

Keep Your Cumberland Farm Building Organized

One of the best ways to keep any area clean is by developing an organizational system. Start by finding ways to get tools and supplies off the ground. You may need to invest in shelves, hooks, rubber totes, or other organizational supplies that will make all your contents easier to find.

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