Common MQS Structures Questions Answered

Common MQS Structures Questions Answered - building process









Here at MQS Structures, we receive many questions daily about our farm buildings in Ohio. We have compiled a list of common MQS Structures questions.

Where do you build?

We build anywhere in the state of Ohio. However, we have made exceptions for customers before who live at least an hour outside of Ohio in West Virginia and Indiana.

How much is a pole building in Ohio?

Our pole barns vary from customer to customer. Price is based on the customer providing a level gravel building pad, additional features beyond the standard, and the labor for the barn.

What should I do for a building permit?

The customer is responsible for applying for the permit if required. There may be some city restrictions on height and size that are crucial to know about. Our custom post frame builders in Ohio will provide specs and drawings for your pole barn, but if engineered sealed blueprints are required, an additional fee will apply.

Do you build custom pole barns in Ohio for houses?

While it’s possible to build a pole barn for a house, we at MQS Structures typically build agricultural buildings in Ohio more so than homes. However, if you desire a pole barn home, we are more than happy to construct the shell and any concrete you want. Just know that we do not do any plumbing, electrical, or interior finish work.

What standard features do you include in your barns?

Standard features of our custom pole barns in Ohio include:

  • Ridge ventilation
  • 29 ga. steel roof, sides, trim
  • 4′ O/C trusses @ 4/12 pitch
  • 8′ O/C glue lam sidewall columns
  • 2-ply truss supports
  • 2′ O/C 2×4 roof purlins
  • 2′ O/C 2×4 side girts
  • Treated 2×8 skirt at ground line
  • Steel rodent guard at the base
  • 42″ post holes with concrete footings
  • Rebar through post to prevent uplift

How long does it take to build a pole barn?

Construction time on farm buildings in Ohio generally takes less than a week. How many days depends on how extensive the project is, from size to features. However, the average lead-time from signing the contract to the last day of construction can take anywhere from 3-10 weeks.

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