Comparing Metal and Shingle Roofing on Pole Barns

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With a traditional home, you have a couple of options for roofing materials. The same goes when it comes to agricultural buildings in Ohio. Whatever material you choose ultimately depends on your personal preference and budget. In this article, we are going to be comparing metal and shingle roofing on pole barns and all the benefits of each.

Metal Roofs

The most common roofing material on custom pole barns in Ohio is metal, and there are many reasons why this material is beneficial. For one, metal roofs have an extremely long life expectancy and are maintenance-free. This means you don’t have to worry about your metal roof cracking, splitting, rotting, or curling, which is a significant benefit. Metal is also a much lighter material compared to others, yet it is still incredibly durable. It is resistant to the environment, pests, and biohazard growth. Lastly, metal roofs consist of high-quality steel and have proven to reduce energy costs due to its ability to release heat.

Shingle Roofs

Another popular roofing material among post frame buildings in Ohio is shingles. Shingles are a very easy material to install and are often found to be more visually appealing than metal. Because shingles are a common material on traditional homes, they are readily available at all times. Similar to metal, shingles are also easy to maintain. However, shingles are not considered a maintenance-free roofing material, as they can lose granule overtime. Shingles also do not last as long as a metal roof on a pole building in Ohio.

Which One Should You Choose?

As you can see, there are many benefits of both metal and shingle roofs on farm buildings in Ohio. Which one you choose ultimately boils down to your personal preference. Do you want a maintenance free roof? Then our pole barn builders in Ohio recommend going with metal. Do aesthetics matter to you? Do you want your barn to match the look of your home? Then going with a shingle roof may be your best bet. No matter which one you choose, both are great options.

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