Daily, Weekly, and Annual Chores That Will Keep Your West Virginia Pole Buildings Safe

West Virginia Pole Buildings

If you are the owner of a West Virginia pole building, you know just how vital this structure is to your farm. It is a place to store farm vehicles, valuable supplies, tools, and it can also be the place your farm animals call home.

If you use your pole building in West Virginia to house horses, goats, pigs, cattle, or other farm animals, it is extremely important to keep it safe. That’s why we have compiled a list of chores that should be done regularly inside your West Virginia farm buildings. By keeping up on these tasks, you can help keep all your farm animal friends happy and healthy.

Daily Maintenance Tasks

  • Clean Stalls

A clean stall is one of the best ways to keep your animals healthy. Make sure you remove all manure and provide fresh hay whenever needed to give your animals a safe living area.

  • Fill Water Troughs

All living things need water, which needs to be fresh and clean. Your animals need to stay hydrated no matter the season, so it is essential to replenish their water each day.

  • Replace or Feed Hay

Check each animal’s hay supply on a daily basis to ensure they are getting the proper nourishment. If the hay has been untouched for over 24 hours, it may be moldy, and your animals are choosing not to eat it for good reason.

  • Clean Alleys

All walkways and alleys inside West Virginia farm buildings should be kept clear. Start by removing any clutter or tripping hazards, then sweep the floor or mop as needed.

West Virginia pole buildings

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

  • Clean Water Buckets

It is important to provide fresh and clean water daily, but it doesn’t do much good if the buckets aren’t clean. Cleaning buckets weekly ensures that your animals’ water remains clean.

  • Clean Feeders

Similar to their water supply, your animals’ feed is no good if it is placed in a filthy bucker or feeder. All feeders inside a West Virginia post frame building need to be cleaned on a weekly basis.

Semi-Annual or Annual Maintenance Tasks

  • Check Smoke Detectors

Just like you would in your home, you should check your fire detectors inside your West Virginia pole buildings at least twice a year. Many people choose to do this on the two days a year where we adjust our clocks for daylight savings time.

  • Do a Security Inspection

You don’t want any intruders inside your pole building in West Virginia, so it is wise to conduct a security inspection 1-2 times a year. Make sure doors and windows lock properly and check any security alarms or cameras you have on the premises.

  • Check Fire Extinguishers

In a fire emergency, you need equipment that will eliminate a fire quickly. That’s why it is vital to have fire extinguishers that are properly maintained. Check the expiration dates on each extinguisher, so you know they are in tip-top shape.

West Virginia Pole Buildings
As one of the leading West Virginia pole barn builders, our team at MQS Structures hopes these tips help keep your barn a safe place. If you are thinking about adding a new shed, garage, hobby shop, or barn to your property, contact our team today.

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