Debunking Post Frame Construction Myths

Amish Barn Builders in Ohio

Over the years, our Amish barn builders in Ohio have heard an assortment of misconceptions about post frame buildings. This is very unfortunate, as post frame construction is a beneficial building process. In this article, we are going to be debunking post frame construction myths. 

 Myth 1 – Post Frame Construction is a Complicated Process 

The first myth we commonly hear about post frame construction is that it is a complicated and expensive building process. This is far from true. Instead, post frame buildings are some of the most straightforward structures to erect due to the little amounts of material needed. For example, less lumber is required and a foundation isn’t needed, which means overall lower building costs.  

 Myth 2 – You Can’t Add Amenities In Post Frame Buildings 

Design and amenity possibilities are endless. Post frame is a very adaptable building process. This means you can easily add in drywall, insulation, wiring, plumbing, interior walls, and anything else you may wish to add.  

 Note – Some building companies, like MQS Structures, only do new build construction and do not do any interior finish work. If you want to add amenities like plumbing into your barn, you will need to outsource someone. 

Amish Barn Builders in Ohio

 Myth 3 – Post Frame Buildings Aren’t Wind Resistant  

While it is true that a poorly built post frame building will not hold up during a strong windstorm, a properly built building will hold up incredibly well. This is why it’s essential to select Amish barn builders who have years of post-frame construction experience.   

 Myth 4 – Post Frame Construction Has No Flexibility 

The design options are limitless when it comes to post frame construction. At MQS Structures, we offer various ways to aesthetically enhance and increase functionality in your new barn. Some features we offer to distinguish your pole barn from the rest include: 

  • Lean-to  
  • Interior steel lining 
  • Attic space 
  • Shed roof dormers 
  • Inside office with loft above 
  • Wainscot 
  • Cupola 
  • Overhangs with gutter and downspouts 

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