Design Ideas for Your Post Frame Hobby Shop

Pole building in West Virginia

Building a shop to pursue your favorite hobby or burgeoning small business is not only an excellent investment––it’s fun! The process of designing and constructing a garage hobby shop in West Virginia (or any other kind of pole building in West Virginia) is a great way to be creative and learn something new. If you are working on designing a building now, here are a few suggestions to consider:

Build a Concrete Floor

If you don’t have a very big budget, it may seem tempting to skip the concrete floor. If you spend a significant amount of time inside or store something valuable. Maybe project car? We recommend a concrete floor. Buildings with concrete floors are cleaner, drier, and more durable than buildings without them.

Include a Wash Area

No garage hobby shop in West Virginia is complete without an area to wash up. You may need to wash tools, parts, or even your hands. Whatever needs to be washed, it is seriously inconvenient to have to walk to another building or an outdoor spigot every time something gets dirty,

Plan for Tool and Equipment Storage

Whatever you plan on using your new shop for will undoubtedly require tools, special equipment, or storage space. It is best to think of how you will use your space while still in the design process. Many clients plan for unique workspaces and storage areas. This often includes built-in shelving, enclosed storage areas, loft space, and other specialized elements.

Choose the Right Lighting

Proper lighting for your hobby shop will make a major difference in productivity. As you plan your building, carefully consider what lighting you will need and plan for switches and wiring ahead of time.

Garage hobby shop in West Virginia

Prepare for Hot Days and Cold Days

The most basic post frame buildings in West Virginia are not designed to maintain a consistent temperature inside. Consider adding insulation and a heat source for cold days and fans or additional doors and windows for air circulation on warm days.

Plan for Needs Unique to Your Hobby

If your hobby requires pneumatic tools, consider building a sound-proof closet for an air compressor. Plan on working on cars or motorcycles? You may want to install a vehicle lift. Carpenters often need dust collectors. If you have any special design requirements, it is best to plan ahead.

MQS Structures: Custom Post Frame Builders in West Virginia

If you are interested in building a barn, shop, garage, or even home, post-frame construction is an excellent choice. If you need help with the building process, contact MQS Structures. We build hobby shops, garages, and farm buildings in West Virginia every day.

At MQS Structures, we are post frame (pole frame) building specialists. If you plan to build a pole building in West Virginia, we can work with you to make sure you get exactly the building you want. We can also help you design your building and choose the best flooring for your needs.

We are a family-owned and operated company specializing in post-frame construction, steel-sided wood structures, and agricultural buildings in West Virginia.

Pole building in West Virginia

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