Different Ways You Can Use a Pole Barn

From commercial usage to residential, there are no limits to what a pole barn can be used for. At MQS Structures, we’ve seen our custom pole barns in Ohio built for just about everything.

Whether you need extra space for storage or an affordable building option when starting a business, consider building a pole barn to fit your needs! If you’re interested in the different ways you can use a pole barn for more than just agricultural buildings in Ohio, read on.

Pole barns are ideal for warehouses, as you can make a pole barn as big as you need. By adding split siding doors or steel insulated garage doors, you can quickly move large equipment in and out.

Do you have an RV, large lake floaties, lawn equipment, or just a lot of stuff? Custom post frame builders in Ohio have constructed many pole barns for the intended use of storage.

You can never go wrong with extra garage space. If you have several cars, antique cars, a camper, or off-road vehicles, pole barns make for an excellent garage. If you already have a pole building in Ohio as a garage and need more room, you can always add a partly closed lean-to.

Hobby Shop
Does your hobby require quite a bit of space? Hobbies like painting, woodwork, and auto repair are all great examples of hobbies that could benefit from the space a pole building in Ohio can provide.

Pole barns are very beneficial farm buildings in Ohio. From housing horses to an indoor riding arena, equestrian centers need a lot of space, and pole barns can provide that at a decent price. Optimize your barn with more storage by working with Amish horse barn builders in Ohio to build stairs that lead to attic space. An attic is a great spot to store hay.

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