Five Features for Your Horse Barn

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If you’re in the design and planning process for a pole building in Ohio for your horses, you may be wondering what all you should include. As custom horse barn builders in Ohio, we are going to suggest five features for your horse barn that we think are necessary.


Your Horse Barn

Wash Stall

A dedicated space for bathing a horse is a very common feature many people include in their farm buildings in Ohio. We highly recommend including a wash stall in your barn design, as it allows you to wash and groom your horse no matter the weather.

Tack Room

Just like you need a dedicated space for washing your horse, an area to keep your riding equipment is also important. A tack room is a great feature to include in agricultural buildings in Ohio to keep everything in one, clean area.

Indoor Riding Arena

If you intend to ride your horses year-round, you’re going to want an indoor riding arena. This way you can ride them any time of day and in any weather. While this feature does cost more, many people find it very beneficial. Our custom horse barn builders in Ohio have yet to hear a customer regret installing an indoor riding arena.


You can never go wrong with having too much storage. This is where including an attic or hayloft in your custom pole barns in Ohio is a great idea. While most people dedicate attic space in their pole barn for storing hay, you can also store other things up there as well, such as horse feed.

Sliding Door

Horses are large animals, which means you will need a large door to bring them in and out of your pole building in Ohio. At MQS Structures, we offer a variety of door options, including a split slider, Dutch slider, and single slider.

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