Flooring Options for Pole Barns in Ohio

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Just like selecting the right size, style, and additional features for your custom pole barns in Ohio is important, so is selecting the right flooring. Because pole barns can be used a variety of different things, choosing the appropriate flooring is a critical step in completing your new building.

Custom post frame builders in Ohio understand that not everyone is familiar with the different flooring options available for pole barns. We want you to feel confident when choosing your floor, so the following are some of the most common types of flooring for custom pole barns in Ohio.



Commonly used for- warehouses, storage, manufacturing, agricultural barns

  • Benefits- highly durable, easy to clean, leveled, supportive for heavy loads
  • Disadvantages- strains horse bones and joints easily


Commonly used for- equestrian centers

  • Benefits- economical, soft on animals hoofs/legs, easily replaceable
  • Disadvantages- uneven, possibility of flooding, repair periodically, drainage issues

Rubber Mats

Commonly used for- equestrian centers, poultry barns, livestock

  • Benefits- gentle on animals bones, joints and ligaments, easy to clean, sanitary, produce less dust
  • Disadvantages- more expensive, poor absorption


Commonly used for- residential

  • Benefits- easy to walk on, attractive, highly durable, easy to clean, low maintenance, leveled
  • Disadvantages- slippery when wet, retains odor, gaps allow for damage


When choosing what to floor your pole barn in Ohio with, first ask yourself what you will be using your building for the most. Obviously, if you are using your pole barn as an office or storage space, you will want to go with wood or concrete. If you are building agricultural buildings in Ohio, a combination of both rubber mats and sand may be a good idea.

As trusted custom post frame builders in Ohio, MQS Structures is ready to help you design and construct your building. We can then offer our expertise and professional opinion on what flooring would be best for your pole barn. We specialize in horse barns, garage and hobby shops, agricultural, and farm buildings in Ohio. Contact us at 855-677-3334 today.

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