Flooring Options for Pole Barns

Flooring Options for Pole Barns

An important decision one has to make when they add a pole building in Ohio on their property is what kind of flooring they want inside. There are many flooring options for pole barns available; however, what you choose will depend on how you plan to use your barn. For example, a horse barn will require a different kind of flooring material than a simple garage. If you plan on investing in one of our custom pole barns in Ohio, here are a few flooring options for you to think about.


The most common flooring option for most agricultural buildings in Ohio is concrete. Concrete is ideal for any post frame buildings used to serve as a workshop, garage, or storage unit. Why? Not only is concrete relatively easy and inexpensive to install, but it is also very easy to clean, long-lasting, and sturdy.


Dirt is quite possibly the most inexpensive flooring material out there. It is ideal for farm buildings in Ohio that are used to house horses and other livestock, as dirt is an exceptionally soft material and is the most comfortable for animals to walk on. With dirt, you would need to plan on regrading the surface every once in a while.


If you don’t necessarily want dirt for your pole barn floor, but don’t want to pay for something more high end like concrete, gravel is a good option. Gravel is an excellent choice for post frame buildings in Ohio used to store agricultural equipment or other large items. Just like dirt, you will want to periodically make sure the gravel is graded properly by refilling it occasionally or raking it to spread it evenly.

Rubber Mats

According to our custom horse barn builders in Ohio, rubber floor mats are highly recommended if you use your building as a horse barn. These mats create a comfortable surface for animals to walk across and aren’t as messy as dirt would be. Typically, people place these mats down the walkways in their barn and find them very beneficial.

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