Four Maintenance Tips for Pole Barns

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Pole barns are excellent buildings for many reasons; one of those reasons is that little maintenance is needed. However, just like any building, problems will arise if not appropriately maintained. There’s no reason why a pole building in Ohio shouldn’t last forever, and by taking care of it, you can guarantee that it does. Here are four maintenance tips for pole barns according to custom horse barn builders in Ohio. 


1. Roof Inspection

One of the best things anyone can do to a building they own, whether it is residential, commercial, or even a pole barn is to inspect the roof annually. Doing so will allow you to catch any leaks before they become a bigger problem and avoid needing expensive repair on your custom horse barns in Ohio. 

2. Check the Siding

Along with inspecting your roof, it’s also recommended that you check the siding of your building too. From weather to debris, it’s easy for the side of farm buildings in Ohio to get dented. An easy way to prevent more damage to siding is to install wainscot. It is much easier and cheaper to replace wainscot than replacing an entire wall.  

3. Clean the Floors

No matter what your floors are made of, whether that be dirt, gravel, or concrete, it will require cleaning. However, the cleaning process will be different for each. For example, dirt and gravel flooring will need to be resurfaced every few years. This is especially true for a horse barn where muck seeps through and begins to smell.  

4. Fix Damage Early

Lastly, the best way to maintain the overall structure of your agricultural buildings in Ohio is to fix the damage early enough. Like we mentioned earlier, by completing roof inspections and checking for leaks, you can make any necessary repairs before it becomes a more serious problem. 


For more tips on maintaining the quality of your farm buildings in Ohio, contact the pole barn specialists at MQS Structures today. Our custom horse barn builders in Ohio will be glad to share more tips and tricks with you so you can keep your pole barn in tip-top shape.  

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