Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Pole Building in Pittsburgh

Pole Building in Pittsburgh

With the holiday season drawing near, many people are looking for new and exciting ways to get in the spirit. Many of us decorate our home’s interior and exterior with lights and various Christmas and holiday décor. Others want to take it to the next level and make their entire property glow with the holiday spirit, including those that own pole buildings in Pittsburgh.

At MQS Structures, we have compiled some tips on how to add some festive decorations to your Pittsburgh pole building this year. Following these simple guidelines will help make your holiday display shine for your family to enjoy and also be a beautiful sight for everyone who passes by.

Use Magnetic Clips or Hooks

When hanging lights on a metal roof, magnetic clips are a simple solution. The magnets are very strong for most clips, so that they will stay in position, even under the most difficult conditions. Simply post the magnetic side of the clip on the metal roof and move it to the desired location.

Magnetic hooks also serve a similar purpose for decorating your pole building in Pittsburgh. There are several different types of magnetic hooks, but some of the highest-quality models have a pull force of up to 12 pounds. They can also be used to hang Christmas wreaths and other holiday decorations on your pole building or garage hobby shop in Pittsburgh.

Pole Building in Pittsburgh

Magnetic Lights

If you want to avoid the hassle of using magnetic clips/hooks and stringing up lights, then magnetic lights are the way to go. Before purchasing magnetic lights, pole barn builders in Pittsburgh recommend measuring the area that you wish to light.

This will help ensure that you aren’t short on lights or end up with more than you need. There are different websites that offer magnetic lights featuring customized size, color, and style. You can also choose the spacing between each bulb when you order your own customized magnetic lights.

Plastic Clips

These can be found at many local hardware stores and are an inexpensive option for hanging lights. If your farm building in Pittsburgh has gutters, then plastic clips are a great option. They slide over the gutters and snap into position and provide a small hole for the lights to be put in place.

There are also other versions of clips that work similarly to a clothes pin or a binder clip. They open by squeezing the clip, and they lock in place once you release it. These are known to most people as NOMA clips.

Pole Building in Pittsburgh

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