How Does Steel Siding and Roofing Affect the Strength of Post Frame Buildings?

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Post frame buildings in Pittsburgh are incredibly durable structures capable of withstanding high winds and snow loads. Although it may appear that the steel siding and roofing exist only as a shell to keep the wind and rain out, appearances can be deceiving. The steel roofing and siding are an essential element of the building’s structural integrity.

Like many other custom post frame builders in Pittsburgh, we recommend using 29-gauge steel for the exterior of your pole building in Pittsburgh. In addition, we offer a 40-year warranty on the steel we install on all our buildings.

Here are some important factors when it comes to the strength of post frame buildings.

Steel Thickness

The most common metric mentioned regarding steel is the thickness or gauge. Lighter, or thinner, steel has a higher gauge number than thicker steel. This means that 26-gauge steel is thicker than 29-gauge steel. When comparing 26-gauge and 29-gauge steel of identical hardness and design, the heavier 26-gauge steel would obviously be stronger.

Rib Design and Spacing

Many builders will debate the differences between softer commercial steel and full-hard steel, but panel design is more influential to a building’s strength when deciding between 29-gauge and 26-gauge steel. The most common types of steel used for roofing and siding are corrugated steel and ribbed steel. Of the two, ribbed steel is more popular for new construction of agricultural buildings in Pittsburgh.

Rib design varies by manufacturer. Ribs can vary by height, shape, and distance from each other. While there are pros and cons to different ribbed steel designs, we suggest you consult with a professional builder when purchasing steel for your barn.

Building Strength

When determining the strength of steel, it is necessary to consider:

  • Thickness
  • Tensile Strength
  • Rib Design

In some instances, steel panels with higher tensile strength are more brittle and prone to cracking than panels of lower tensile strength. However, the strength of your building will be determined not only by the strength and durability of the steel used but also by the building design and workmanship.

If you are concerned about building robust and quality farm buildings in Pittsburgh, the most reliable way to get a quality structure is by choosing a professional builder willing to offer an excellent warranty on their work.

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