How Pole Barns Are Environmentally Friendly

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There are many reasons why farm buildings in Ohio that are built using post frame construction are beneficial. As custom post frame builders in Ohio, we are asked quite often how pole barns are environmentally friendly. To learn about some of the reasons and why you should consider post frame construction, continue reading. 



One of the first significant benefits of custom pole barns in Ohio is that they are incredibly durable. Post frame buildings are designed to withstand extreme weather and high winds better than other buildings. The use of engineered wood, which has incredible strength, also adds to the durability aspect.  

Less Material Needed 

Post frame structures are characterized by wide-open spaces, ultimately resulting in fewer materials needed to construct, unlike traditional buildings. The steel is also pre-cut, so there is less waste at the end.  

Energy Efficient 

Because farm buildings in Ohio built using post frame construction have wide spacing, it allows the insulation to protect the interior better and reduce the amount of energy that may be used to keep the building warm or cool.  

Little Site Disturbance 

Something that makes post frame construction so unique compared to other forms is that a concrete foundation is not required. Instead, large, solid sawn poles are transferred to the ground and then mounted to concrete. Because no foundation is needed, there is very little site disturbance and no worries of soil erosion occurring. 


Lastly, nearly every material that is used to build a pole building in Ohio can be recycled. Any leftover steel cuts are not put in the landfill, but are instead reused using an eco-friendly process.  

To learn more about the environmental benefits of agricultural buildings in Ohio using post frame construction, don’t hesitate to call MQS Structures. One of our trained custom horse barn builders in Ohio will be happy to answer any questions you may have!  


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