How to Clean a Garage Like a Pro

How to Clean a Garage Like a Pro

If you’re like most people, your garage isn’t the most organized area in your life. Garages tend to be the place where we store our outdoor cleaning supplies, sports equipment, old furniture, etc. However, just like most areas in our life, our garages deserve a deep clean every once in a while – no matter how dreadful it may be. As custom post frame builders in Ohio, we often build post frame buildings in Ohio to serve as garages for people looking to add some extra space. Continue reading to learn how to clean a garage like a pro.

Pull Everything Out

The best way to clean a garage hobby shop in Ohio is to start with a fresh slate. This means pulling everything out of your garage and placing it all on your driveway. This will allow you to find out exactly what’s all in your garage, and to deep clean the space before putting everything back in.

Organize Your Items

Once everything from your garage is on your driveway, now is the best time to begin organizing your items by category. This includes gardening tools, handyman tools, sports equipment, lawn care, etc. While you are doing this, you will also want to create two separate piles off to the side of things you want to donate and things you need to throw away.

A tip from our builders – when you are undecided whether you should keep something or not, ask yourself when was the last time you used that item, do you plan on using it sometime within the next year, and is it something that you could easily rent or borrow from the store or from a friend.

Deep Clean

After organizing all of your items, and before you put it all back in your pole building in Ohio, you will first want to deep clean the empty space. This may include sweeping the floor, dusting off any shelves and cabinets, wiping down the inside of the garage refrigerator/freezer, or even power washing the floors clean.

Determine Your Organization Strategy

Before you just throw everything back in your garage hobby shop in Ohio, you’ll want to have an organization strategy. Some of the best ways to organize a garage include installing shelves, cabinets, a pegboard, wall hooks, etc. You may also want to invest in some nice storage bins.

Need More Garage Space?

Is your current garage space not cutting it? Contact MQS Structures today to learn more about how our custom pole barns in Ohio are perfect for garages. Whether you need large farm buildings in Ohio for storing multiple vehicles or farm equipment, or something smaller, we can help.

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