How to Customize Your Riding Arena

custom horse barn builders in Ohio

If you are a horse owner in Ohio, you want the best features possible to enhance your riding arena.  In fact, you are probably researching all the best custom horse barn builders in Ohio.  One reason you should choose MQS Structures is our variety of custom features that we can add to your arena. 

Below is a list of some of the many things MQS Structures can add to your arena to give it the personal touch you need. 

  • Cupola
  • Dutch Doors 
  • Wash Stalls
  • Stirrup Guards
  • Lofts


A cupola is common for all types of farm buildings in Ohio.  Their function is to provide ventilation and lighting throughout the structure, as well as improve air quality.  Many arena owners choose to add a cupola because it adds a little extra personality to their building.  The traditional look of a cupola gives a barn-like feel to your arena. 

custom horse barn builders in Ohio

Dutch Doors 

Dutch doors are frequently installed by custom horse barn builders in Ohio.  A Dutch door is basically two doors in one.  There is a top door than can be opened while keeping the bottom door closed.  The benefits of the two doors are that fresh air can enter the room through the top door, while also keeping animals inside their stalls thanks to the bottom door. 

Wash Stalls 

Many custom pole barns in Ohio that are used for horses contain a wash stall.  These are convenient for giving your horse a nice bath after a day of riding.  The most significant benefit of a wash stall is that your horse can be bathed indoors and not subjected to the cold weather of being washed outside.  Plus, there is no risk of the horse getting loose within a wash stall. 

Stirrup Guard 

Also known as a rider wall, a stirrup guard is an extra wall of protection that is to prevent riders and horses from accidentally hitting the outside posts of the riding arena.  Typically for horse barns, riding arenas, or any of the many agricultural buildings in Ohio, stirrup guards are built approximately five feet high.  This height is just enough so that a rider’s stirrups and knees are not vulnerable to hit the arena’s outside walls. 

custom horse barn builders in Ohio


A loft can be added towards the top of the arena to store hay and other supplies for your animal.  Lofts are a great way to save space within your riding arena so that you can maximize your square footage for as much riding area as possible. 

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