How to Improve Air Quality in Your Ohio Custom Horse Barn

custom horse barn builders in Ohio

As one of the leading custom horse barn builders in Ohio, our team at MQS Structures knows how crucial it is to keep your workers and livestock healthy on the farm.  One critical factor to the health of both people and animals is the air quality they are exposed to each day.

Ohio custom pole barns can play a significant factor in the air quality that workers and livestock are subjected to regularly.  There are several different items you can add to a typical barn that can help keep the air at a safe level.  Here are a few suggestions on the best ways to keep air circulating throughout your building so that you can keep all workers and animals healthy regularly.

Plenty of Inlets and Outlets

During the winter, it is especially important to have ways for fresh air to enter the barn without the temperature dropping to unsafe levels.  When you are making the final design requests for your Ohio farm building, be sure to include multiple vents and cupolas to allow air to cycle in and out.  Otherwise, air could become stale and unhealthy inside the barn, especially since doors and windows will be closed to help regulate the interior temperature.

Insulation is Key

As one of the top Ohio horse barn builders, MQS Structures knows that a well-insulated barn can help prevent extreme temperature fluctuations.  Be sure to add plenty of insulation to your new barn to help regulate the ups and downs that the ever-changing weather might cause.

Insulation is critical because it has a similar effect as using a cooler.  Most of us will use a cooler with ice to keep drinks as cold as possible until we are ready to enjoy them.  However, did you know that properly sealed coolers are also very effective at keeping items hot?  Give it a try sometime and see what you think.  So, similar to a cooler, when a barn stays well insulated, the interior temperature does not increase or decrease as quickly.

custom horse barn builders in Ohio

Proper Bedding for Livestock

When bedding is absorbent and has low dust levels, the air quality inside a Ohio custom pole barn can improve greatly.  One of the best ways to ensure that your animals, especially horses, have proper bedding is to clean their stalls at least once a day.  Regular cleaning combined with ammonia control products will significantly lower the risk of dust particles in the air or the spread of noxious gas inside the building.

custom horse barn builders in Ohio

If you are looking for the perfect building for your horses, contact the premier custom horse barn builders in Ohio, MQS Structures.  Our team of experts will design the perfect Ohio pole building for all of your farming, ranching, or equestrian needs.

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