How to Make Your Pole Barn Last a Lifetime

Pole Building in Morgantown

Post frame buildings in Morgantown are designed to last a lifetime if built correctly and cared for appropriately. However, if you are willing to invest a little extra time and money, you can ensure your pole building in Morgantown lasts longer than their typical life expectancy. Our team at MQS Structures has compiled a few suggestions on how to help your post frame building last for the long haul.

Choose the Right Location

When deciding where to build your pole building in Morgantown, choose a site not prone to flooding or subject to significant runoff. Standing water or moving water can lead to erosion and the deterioration of your barn’s post footings.

Choose Better Steel Roofing and Siding

Pole barn builders in Morgantown use 29ga steel for the roof, siding, and trim for most barns. Choosing heavier gauge steel of the same quality, such as 26ga or 24ga, will make your barn stronger and more resistant to severe weather like hail and high winds.

Also, consider that not all steel is the same. Certain steel alloys have higher tensile strength than others. For example, 29ga full-hard steel can have a higher tensile strength than commercial-grade 28ga steel. Consult with your builder or steel provider for a professional opinion when choosing siding.

Hire a Professional Pole Barn Builder

Professional builders have an entire team of experts working together to ensure your barn is built the right way. The best builders work with licensed architects, engineers, and experienced crews who specialize in Morgantown custom pole barns. Additionally, most professional builders offer extended warranties on materials and workmanship.

Pole Barn Builders in Morgantown Design for Proper Ventilation

Moisture and condensation inside farm buildings in Morgantown can quickly cause significant deterioration to the wood structure and oxidation of steel panels. Fortunately, moisture problems are solved quickly with proper ventilation. Standard methods for ventilation include roof overhangs, soffit vents, cupolas, ridge vents, and mechanical ventilation such as ceiling fans and automatic exhaust fans.

Install a Quality Floor

A durable floor will keep your barn’s interior cleaner and less humid. It will also prevent erosion and make your building stronger. The ideal floor for most pole barns is concrete, but gravel floors are a significantly better option than simple dirt floors.

Choose Quality Doors and Windows

A quick walk through your local hardware store will show you that doors and windows are available not only in a wide variety of styles but with considerable differences in quality and durability. Quality doors and windows will last the lifetime of your barn. Cheaper doors and windows will need to be replaced in 10-15 years and are more likely to be damaged and cause leaks which could compromise your barn’s structure.

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At MQS Structures, we are post frame and pole barn building specialists. If your barn needs repair or if you are interested in building a new barn, we can work with you to make sure you get exactly the building you want. If you want to build a post frame garage in Morgantown, we can help with that too. We can help you build a highly functional and attractive building no matter what you need.

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