How To Prevent Pole Barn Condensation

How To Prevent Pole Barn Condensation


No matter what you store in your pole building in Ohio, whether it’s livestock or antique cars, a dry interior is essential. Problems with insulation include things like mold and mildew, ice dams, trapped moisture, and especially condensation. Here are some tips on how to prevent pole barn condensation, according to our custom post frame builders in Ohio.




For starters, condensation occurs when warm air comes in contact with a cold surface. The level of condensation depends on temperature and dew point. One crucial aspect of condensation control is ventilation. For farm buildings in Ohio, a vented soffit and ridge are both great solutions for proper ventilation.


The next crucial ingredient in preventing barn condensation is insulation. Without adequate insulation, farm buildings in Ohio can experience many structural problems such as rusting metal and wood rot. To help avoid condensation, insulating your barn with spray foam, for example, can really help.

Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier is another great solution to condensation control. It is a material that retards water vapor migration and is typically installed on the inside surface of insulation. Vapor barriers can also be installed under the concrete slab, which helps avoid mold, cracks, and radon gas. There are many vapor barriers to choose from, but many builders for agricultural buildings in Ohio suggest Americover’s polyethylene plastic sheeting, Thermax insulation, or OSB.


With over 30 years of experience building custom pole barns in Ohio, MQS Structures will help you build the barn of your dreams from start to finish. For additional questions on how to prevent pole barn condensation, feel free to give our builders a call or by leaving a message on our website. If you’re ready to start the construction process for a pole building in Ohio, you can receive a free price estimate on our website as well.

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