How to Store a Classic Car in a Pole Barn

Winter is near, which means it’s time for car enthusiasts to prepare to store their prized possession in the garage until next spring. Because a classic car is a major investment, it requires extreme care to keep it in pristine condition. In addition to properly detailing it, draining fluids, and greasing joints, it’s also important that the car is kept in a safe place, such as a pole barn. If you have a post frame garage to store your vintage vehicle(s), make sure you know how to store a classic car in a pole barn properly.

Heated Storage Space

We all know what can happen to a car when it is constantly left in the elements. The paint fades, rust occurs, and ultraviolet rays can break down rubber, especially during the winter in the Midwest, where we experience rain, snow, and sleet. This is why storing a classic car in a post frame garage is essential.

However, just because the car may be in a garage doesn’t mean it is entirely safe from the elements. Cold temperatures in the garage can quickly wear on the car. To prevent your classic car from becoming weathered, our pole barn builders in Ohio suggest keeping your space heated. The heat will help prevent vinyl from expanding and contracting, meaning your car will stay in excellent condition.

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Seal Openings

Rodents always somehow find a way inside garages during the winter. Because they love comfy spaces, they may opt for the inside of your vehicle’s air filter and exhaust system. To prevent them from finding these spaces, pole barn builders suggest stuffing them with steel wool.

Cover The Vehicle

Storing a classic car in a garage is the first step to protecting it from the elements, but covering it with a sheet adds an extra layer of necessary protection. Dust is the last thing you want on your precious vehicle. It will always help minimize how much cleaning and detailing you will need to do when you take the sheet off for the season.

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For more tips on how to store a classic car in a pole barn, check out this article from Family Handyman. As you can see, detailing and greasing a classic car is crucial, but so is having a heated and ventilated post frame garage. If you want to make sure you have a smooth ride once winter passes, save time and money by investing in a post frame garage in Ohio from MQS Structures. Request a quote today!

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