Ice Dams, Preventing them on Your Farm Buildings

West Virginia farm buildings

Winter in West Virginia can be brutal.  Although the snow can be a beautiful site, there are frigid temperatures and heavy accumulations that come along with it.

With the winter season comes many risks and concerns for owners of West Virginia farm buildings.  Heavy snow loads, high winds, and keeping the building warm enough for livestock.  One other concern for those who own agricultural buildings in West Virginia is the formation of ice dams.   

What Causes Ice Dams?

Ice dams are mainly formed by snow and typically not by an actual ice storm.  When snow sits on the roof of a pole building in West Virginia, it can potentially melt if the area just below the roof is heated.  The snow melts and then runs down to the eaves.  The eaves (the part of the roof that overhangs or meets the building’s walls) are not heated, so if the outside temperature is below freezing, the melted snow will refreeze near the eaves and continue to accumulate.  This sequence creates an ice dam that will get larger and larger as more melted snow makes its way to the eaves.

Ice dams can become so large that the eaves and gutters may not be able to support the weight.  A large ice dam can damage eaves and cause the gutters of West Virginia farm buildings to loosen or be ripped off the structure.

West Virginia farm buildings

How Can We Prevent Ice Dams?

To ensure a structurally sound pole building in West Virginia, contact MQS Structures to design and construct your building.  Our team of experts will guarantee a leveled, sturdy building, which will decrease the risk of ice dam formation significantly.   

Once installed, be sure to provide adequate insulation levels to your post frame garage in West Virginia.  Areas that are not adequately insulated will pose a higher risk of ice dam formation and could lead to leaks or other serious damage to your building.   

The Benefits of a Metal Roof for Ice Dam Prevention

Our custom post frame builders in West Virginia use metal roofs for our builds.  One significant benefit of metal roofs is that they have less friction than other materials, which causes snow to slide off much more easily and prevents heavy accumulation on your building.

West Virginia farm buildings

If you are looking to add a new structure to your property and are researching different types of West Virginia farm buildings, let MQS Structures help you create the perfect design.  Whether it’s for storage, farm use, or for hosting events, MQS Structures specializes in West Virginia agricultural buildings, and we would love to work with you on your next big project.  Give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334.

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