Install an Indoor Riding Arena

Install an Indoor Riding Arena or horse barn


When you decide to build custom pole barns in Ohio, you will find that there are many additional features available to add to make your barn unique from everyone else’s farm buildings in Ohio. Here at MQS Structures, we offer a variety of features, one including an indoor riding arena. If you’re building a horse barn, here are some reasons why you should install an indoor riding arena.


Ride Anytime

The first notable reason as to why someone would invest in an enclosed arena would be for the advantage of getting to ride anytime and in any weather. By installing large lights, you aren’t restricted as to what time of day you can ride. This is very beneficial during the winter when daylight is limited. Additionally, the weather never has to be a factor for when you can ride. Whether it’s snowing or raining, an indoor arena keeps you and your horse safe from Mother Nature. Custom post frame builders in Ohio say this is extremely beneficial if you teach riding lessons.

Increase Value to Barn

If you ever decide to sell your property, an enclosed riding arena attached to a pole building in Ohio is guaranteed to increase the value of the barn. Many people, especially competitive horse riders, dream of owning an indoor arena in their custom pole barns in Ohio.


Our custom horse barn builders in Ohio have found that a majority of people prefer an indoor riding arena because of the privacy it offers, as it provides a sense of safety and comfort for both the horse and rider. There is also less distraction, which is beneficial to skittish horses that still need time before riding outdoors.

No Worry of Weather Damage

Severe weather and high winds can cause extreme damage to an outdoor arena. From rain creating a mud pit to wind blowing jumping equipment around, it can cause a mess. Because of this, you are limited to when you can ride. However, agricultural buildings in Ohio that include an indoor arena offer protection from possible weather damage 24/7!

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