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Environmental issues are a prevalent topic of conversation in today’s society. Many people are going out of their way to find more sustainable products and make “green” apart of their lifestyle. If you’re looking to construct a pole building in Ohio sometime soon, there are a few easy ways to make your pole barn energy efficient.


For starters, post frame buildings in Ohio already conserve a decent amount of energy and are very sustainable structures. However, one way to gain even more energy efficiency in a pole building in Ohio is by installing a reflective radiant barrier under the roof. How does this help? Well, most pole barns lose energy through the roof and from the high ceilings. So, this barrier contains small air pockets that provides insulation between the outer roof and the vinyl coating.

Roof Color

One easy way to save a substantial amount of energy is by choosing a lighter color roof. A light color will help reflect the sun’s rays and ultimately keep the interior of your farm buildings in Ohio cool. Choosing a light color roof is especially smart for those in warmer climates. However, in Ohio, you can get away with a darker color roof because of the weather we experience.


Installing energy-efficient features, such as the doors and windows, is another way to keep custom pole barns in Ohio energy efficient. For instance, low-E glass windows are designed to keep energy inside a building. Fluorescent lighting is another feature you can include in your barn, as they use much less energy than other types of lighting.

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