Making Your Agricultural Building in Ohio More Energy-Efficient

agricultural building in Ohio

A typical agricultural building in Ohio is already an energy-efficient structure.  Most of them do not require a lot of electricity or the basic utilities you need for a home.

However, there are still some ways that owners of Ohio agricultural buildings can improve their structure’s energy efficiency and decrease their environmental footprint.  This article will provide a few simple solutions on how to do just that.

Consider the Roof Color

Although you may think a dark colored roof looks ideal for your building, Ohio pole barn builders suggest that you strongly consider a lighter color for your roof.   The summer sun can be scorching in Ohio, and a lighter-colored roof will go a long way towards keeping your building’s interior temperature a little more comfortable.

Lighter colors do not absorb as much heat as darker colors, which can change a building’s temperature by several degrees on a hot summer day.  So be sure to put a lot of consideration into your roof’s color before construction starts on your new agricultural building in Ohio.

Use Adequate Insulation

Insulation is a crucial component to help regulate temperatures within a home, warehouse, or any structure.  If the interior temperature of an Ohio agricultural building is warm, then insulation helps keep it warm for as long as possible.  It also works the same way with cold temperatures inside the building.

Additionally, insulation plays a key role in energy efficiency because it prevents buildings from frequently using outside sources like air conditioning, large fans, furnaces, and heaters to help regulate temperatures.  A well-insulated Ohio pole building will help minimize utility costs and help improve the environment.

agricultural building in Ohio

Windows and Doors

When you are choosing the windows and doors for your building, pole barn builders in Ohio suggest choosing models that have received energy efficient stickers of approval.  These models will limit drafts from the outside and provide a thick barrier to ensure that your windows keep the interior temperature regulated to a comfortable level.

You can do your part to improve your building’s temperature by keeping windows and doors open during the day, especially if the temperature is expected to be very comfortable.  Just be sure to close them if temperatures are expected to change significantly or if rain is in the forecast.

One added benefit of windows is that they can help lower electricity costs.  Natural light can come in through windows during the day and it will reduce the need to turn on lights inside your farm building.

agricultural building in Ohio

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