Managing Condensation in a Pole Barn

Managing Condensation in a Pole Barn

Is your pole building experiencing condensation? Not only is it annoying, but it can be extremely frustrating if you don’t have any idea as to why it’s happening. Fortunately, managing condensation in a pole barn is possible.

What is Condensation?

Before we discuss how to get rid of condensation, let’s first discuss what it is and how it happens. Condensation occurs when warm air comes in contact with a cold surface. High interior humidity is also a cause of condensation as it gives off moisture vapor. Condensation can show up in the form of water on the windows, stains, mold, damp spots, damp insulation, or peeling paint.

So, how does condensation occur in a well-constructed pole building? There are a few ways moisture can enter a building to cause condensation, including a roof leak, improper installation of insulation and vapor retarder, poor-quality vapor retarder, and incorrect vapor pressure.

Managing Condensation

  1. Insulation

The first way to eliminate moisture in farm buildings is to use good insulation on the roof and walls. Using vinyl-backed insulation will help prevent warm air and cool metal from coming in contact.

  1. Air Circulation

A building with a lack of circulation not only makes it stuffy and smelly inside but also encourages condensation to form. Always ensure air can circulate by using fans or opening windows to help maintain decent humidity levels.

  1. Ventilation  

Proper ventilation is crucial when you are trying to control condensation inside a pole building. Adding a cupola to your barn is just one way to help with this. Cupolas allow trapped heat to escape the building and ultimately improve the air quality inside. This is especially important in farm buildings for the moisture from manure to have a way to exit the structure.

Green and white cupola on metal roof

  1. Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers are an excellent way to resist vapor penetration. These barriers are installed on the warm side of insulation, most often the inside surface. Vapor barriers (or retarders) work by inhibiting warm, moist air from passing into the inner areas of the roof or walls.

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